Digital sociologist, strategist and tech for good activist, Lisa Talia Moretti has researched and written about the intersection between social life, technology and information for more than a decade. Based in London, Lisa is also an Associate Lecturer at Goldsmiths College and Cardiff University, and a Visiting Teacher at Sup de Pub in Paris, where she teaches MA, MSc and MBA students Digital Research Methods, Design Thinking, Campaign Analytics and Social Media Strategy. When she's not thinking about the impact tech is having on society you can probably find her either at the barre, on a yoga mat or knocking back flat whites. With oat milk, please. Always with oat milk.

Man moving white queen piece in chess

Risky Business

Note from the author: This post has everything to do with risk and nothing to do with Tom Cruise sliding into a living room dressed in a white shirt and socks. Sorry folks, not that kind of blog. It feels apt to be writing a piece about risk at the start of the year. If…