Tracey Foulkes

It's time to shake up the world of work. I get the honour of experimenting with how this looks on the ground. We work with some of the world's largest organisations to bring about change in a very real way. We have a ton of fun doing it and we get an absolute kick out of seeing teams functioning differently and better than before.

Stories by Tracey

When Organising Hits The Exit

I'm a visual creative (read: messy), I can find what I need in a couple of seconds, and smash my deadlines. But what to do when organising hits the...

De-clutter your inbox

There is no magic necessary when it comes to minimising your inbox clutter a couple of quick one-off cheats

Email Rant – What NOT To Do

This is however, a rant on the time sapping energy wasters that clog up hours of your precious day. Stuff meeting expectations, this is what not to...

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