Is Automated Marketing Hurting Your Business in the Long Run?

Automated marketing makes a lot of sense from a practical point of view, but is it giving you the long-term value you're looking for?

Future of Work

Automated marketing makes a lot of sense from a practical point of view, but is it giving you the long-term value you’re looking for?

The future of work involves AI and automation. This means that menial tasks can and will be carried out by automated processes that will be designed to need little human input. This is exciting, and terrifying, depending on what business you’re in, as it means that some jobs that humans once did won’t need humans anymore.

But this doesn’t mean doom and gloom.

When it comes to marketing, automation can be helpful, for sure. Scheduling social media posts in advance is extremely helpful, and automated emails are useful when there just isn’t enough time to personally write or follow up on every single message.

There are also a number of successful businesses that work with automation to provide a more comprehensive tool marketing tool or service. For example, automated marketing products like Hubspot combine all your marketing data and activities into one dashboard, and give users the tools to create and manage content, as well as incoming leads.

Automation has also created new opportunities for business, and will no doubt continue to do so. For example, while we spend more and more time looking for things online, products like Magic have stepped up with a combination of people and automation to offer a personalised concierge service using text message.

But, even moving into the future, where is the line between automated effort and human interaction, and isn’t it ultimately always a combination of the two?

At WNDYR, we see the future of work as an optimised combination of Humans, Technology and Workspaces. We’ve worked with a digital sociologist to put together a paper on the future of customer experience, and how technology is going to shape the way we sell and market services- all guided by the growing importance of personalisation, and closing the gap between expectations and experience.

From this perspective, investing all of your effort into automated marketing efforts doesn’t really make sense. It might be helpful in the short term, but the truth is that while this is convenient, and might appear to be doing all the work for you, creativity and critical thinking will always add value to your marketing, and that’s just something that automated content can’t do on its own.

Also, in a world that is going to become more and more automated in the future as technology evolves, won’t humans be an even more valuable part of the customer experience? AI is becoming more sophisticated, but its nowhere near true intelligence, not yet.

So, while automated marketing can certainly form part of your marketing strategy, especially as business evolves, considering the importance of the customer experience in marketing, you’ll always need to engage on a human level.

Find out we’re doing just that with the Human Acceleration School we’re building. Contact our CEO Claire Burge to find out more.

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