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Chaos and Rocketfuel gives our readers context into the work we do, the bigger issues facing our clients, and why we're in the best position to help them.

Future of Work

We’re officially relaunching Chaos and Rocketfuel today, after a brief pause.

When we first kicked off Chaos and Rocketfuel, we were publishing a few posts a week, about productivity hacks, interviews with technology businesses and very general content about the productivity landscape.

But things have changed, we’ve pivoted and shifted our focus onto what we’re doing right now, which is offering outsourced customer success solutions to SaaS companies.

Content to support this means giving our readers context into the work we do, the bigger issues facing SaaS companies, and why we’re in the best position to help them solve their business challenges. But it’s not just about that. That’s our focus of course, it’s what we do and what we’re passionate about.

But it’s not all we are, or what we’re interested in sharing. In addition to that, we’ll be talking about our company, because we’re people and we like to talk- about everything and anything. We’ll also be talking to other people outside of the business, people we work with and people we like.

More importantly, we’ll be talking about Humans, Technology and Space, the three elements of work that form part of the bigger vision for WNDYR, which is to be a leader in the world of work, to offer the solutions businesses need moving into the future, as automation happens, and people need to start thinking about how they’re going to thrive in the rapidly changing work landscape of the future.

To recap, these are just some of the things we’ve been talking over the past month in the build up to this launch, so you’re up to speed and ready to journey with us as we share our learnings, insights and experiences as a team:

Churn: churn is one of the main problems faced by the SaaS companies we work with. Read our post about churn, with insight from our sales team, about why so many companies struggle with this and why.

Deployment: What is a deployment and why is it important? The starting point for our vision as a company, as touched on above, is to offer a comprehensive solution for businesses moving into the future. Software deployment is the starting point for our vision because it prevents so many of the problems that people are struggling with. User onboarding is the new customer experience, and we offer something that other companies don’t: a focus on the user.

Our team: so far we’ve interviewed one of the most prominent voices on our team, the driven, vivacious and outspoken Daphne Lopes, our Brazilian-born Partnership Manager who heads up the sales team and makes sure that we’re always laser focused on our targets and driving forward. Daphne has an interesting background, read our interview with her to find out more.

We’ll be covering a lot more topics like this in the weeks ahead, so look out for a range of topics, from further insights into our business and team, to other exciting developments in the world of work.

As always, you can always Contact Us directly to find out more!

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