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Big data is the future, but how best to search it and make sense of it...

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The sheer amount of data created on a daily basis is overwhelming, even for the average person, but especially for larger companies who manage data on behalf of clients and consumers. Keeping track of all of our own documents can seem daunting enough, but what knowledge and resources are required to manage every single piece of information typed, filed and archived every day, by millions of people all over the world?

Big data is the future, so big that when we think about its exponential growth on a global scale, it’s difficult to know how we’re going to manage and understand it all. While we might be seduced into the oblivious ease of saving everything to the cloud, the reality is that all of this contributes to a global mass of data that is inert unless made sense of, and still needs to be backed up in a data centre somewhere. Thankfully, there are several SaaS (Software as Service) startup and businesses all over the world taking on the task of managing and interpreting big data, with the ones listed below just a few of the many innovative businesses leading the way in their approach to the future of work:

  1. Making Sense of Business Data: Splunk

Focusing specifically on interpreting machine data, Splunk helps businesses to make sense of a variety of data, from website analytics to monitoring the efficiency of web servers and database activity. While the functionality of Splunk is diverse, and different products, such as Splunk Enterprise, Splunk Cloud, Splunk Light and Hunk can be applied in a number of business environments, from small to large. While the functionality might differ slightly for each of these, the essential element is the same: being able to make sense of an overwhelming amount of data. With these kinds of insights, it’s then possible to make more informed business decisions, including how to improve sales, website user experience and visualise complex data.

2. Understanding Your Audience: Social Honey

With all of the information published online everyday, it can be very challenging to know what’s relevant, or even to know whether you’re reaching the right people. With so many different kinds of people to cater for, it can also be a huge challenge to cater to different interests and demographics. Social Honey makes sense of the variety of audience profiles by analysing content and then audience interest and behaviour. By analysing the interaction between audiences and content, Social Honey is then able to refine publishers’ approaches to online marketing, by providing the insights necessary to create more relevant content.

3. Optimising Social Media Usage: SumAll

While our Facebook and Twitter status updates might not seem like much on an individual scale, if you consider the amount of updates made by everyone with access to the internet on a daily basis, it’s understandable that a business looking for a return on investment on their social media spend might find it challenging with all of the information, users and profiles to take into consideration.

SumAll is a company that was built on the idea of making analytics accessible to everyone, and not just big businesses with the budget to employ a team to manage their online presence. With a particular focus on Twitter on their homepage, SumAll gives users the tools to segment, analyse and manage all of their social media data from an accessible and simply designed interface, which can also be used to manage a variety of other online profiles.

While these might just be a few of the many companies offering services to manage and get a handle on online data, the way in which they are approaching the future of work is a sign that big data is only going to become more intensive to deal with, but that even with seemingly insurmountable data growth, there are exciting opportunities to learn and understand more about the way we are living and working with the technology we use.

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