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Pinterest boards show the true flavours of the WNDYR team members' mindset - cohesion proven in a creative manner. Genius.

Human Acceleration

Clear leadership, and the team being privy to our leaders’ thought making process, led our CEO to ask us about ours, so in Claire Burge‘s truly creative style, she quizzed us with a series of questions in Evernote and asked us all to create a Pinterest board in order to show our answers, as opposed to merely writing them down.

The results came back in such an interesting manner and have shown that whilst we all have our own weird and wonderful methods of getting results with our work, several similarities underly each and every member of our team:

Curious | Chaos and Rocket Fuel

We are curious – this keeps us always pushing forwards in an industry where literally anything is possible.

Comfort zone | Chaos and Rocket Fuel

We all get stuck into working outside of our comfort zone – we might quiver at the initial thought, but we all step up to the mark, our tasks become dares that we vie inwardly to complete.

Connects | Chaos and Rocket Fuel

We are change aware – our industry is future focused so the inevitability of change is heightened. The members’ of our team who are most comfortable with change are placed in roles which change on sometimes a daily basis. Others are getting to be more and more comfortable with changes saying that ‘change keeps them alert and more ready for more actionable changes.’

Self aware | Chaos and Rocket Fuel

We are all trying to be more self-aware – life is a journey and being aware of what makes you tick and what makes you unhappy is essential to ensure that you make the most of it. In order to perform at our best, we need to know what ‘us at our best’ actually is. Happiness plays a massive role in this which we’ll delve into another time.

Weaknesses | Chaos and Rocket Fuel

We know our weaknesses – as much as it might sometimes suck to say, it is crucial when working across a few continents, that we know our strengths and can admit our weaknesses. Fortunately we work with productivity gurus who spend time strengthening our weak links.

Adventure | Chaos and Rocket Fuel

We have personal goals – we’re not really the team who wastes time lying around every weekend thinking of nothing. Work hard, play hard is our ethos and to that end we’re all off pursuing different sports and entertainment to unwind and refocus.

Different | Chaos and Rocket Fuel

We are all beautifully different – yet we share same ideals which is why we believe in our #workrevolution and what we’re achieving every day within companies worldwide. Our passion binds our team together, even when the distance keeps us apart.

Solution focused | Chaos and Rocket Fuel

We are solution focused – if a problem arises, there’s no panic, only hard work, collaboration and teamwork and that builds confidence within our core which in turn transmits to our clients.

Pride at work | Chaos and Rocket Fuel

We take pride in what we do – we are aspirational. This goes beyond simply offering an excellent service for our clients and means that each and every one of us pushes ourselves towards a high goal of personal excellence, learning new skills along the way.

Caring | Chaos and Rocket Fuel

We are truthful about caring – how we all show the best sides of ourselves was asked and answered as honestly as it can be. Whether it’s in the form of lending a listening ear, making someone laugh or supporting someone through a bad time.

Working within a team with global reach across many different time zones poses its challenges so it’s essential to build on the team’s awareness of each other’s school of thought by doing these exercises. It’s because of these mini challenges that we can draw faith from the fact that our work is more than just a job, happy work is possible in the world’s work revolution.

The only thing left to ponder is… what will our CEO Claire Burge ask us to do next?

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