Future of Work (8)

Future of Work

Stepping Into Big Shoes

Stepping into new managerial shoes takes time. Here are five crucial ways to develop the new trust you need from your team in order to lead them to...

Future of Work

Meet’s Master of Meetings

The saviour of meetings, Jason Shah, CEO chats to CRF about the two year journey that has seen 1.5 million people adopt into their daily lives

Future of Work

Manage someone who knows more than you

Ego aside, here's some ideas on how to manage the best out of your team and build on your own knowledge for the greater good of the organisation.

Future of Work

Mainframe – remember this word

Our aim has been to get rid of the negative issues that email throws up at you and instead save you time allowing you to collaborate in a productive...

Future of Work

Robotic thinking trends

There is a lot of talk about robots at present. They’re made out to be rather villainous characters whose greatest desire is to rule the human race,...

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