Future Thinking: 5 Intelligent Devices

As our lives and the objects we use become more connected here are five examples of how intelligent devices can make your daily routine so much easier...

As our lives and the objects we use become more connected, the ability of these to interact with each other and process data is becoming more complex. There are an increasing number of smaller, more quotidian devices that can have a profound effect on the way we eat, live, learn and breathe… here are five that can help your daily routine to run just that bit more smoothly.

1. TZOA Environment Tracker

Linked to a smartphone app, the TZOA environment tracker picks up on various environmental elements such as pollution, humidity, temperature and light. In tracking these various elements, you can also figure out what environment is best for certain activities, like sleeping, and allow you to avoid any places that negatively affect your wellbeing.

2. Hackaball Educational Tool



Knowing how to code is essential to be able to build applications, software and websites, and an increasingly in demand skill as our world becomes more reliant on digital devices to communicate. As with most skills, learning the fundamentals at a young age can make a huge difference. The Hackaball, for example, teaches kids basic coding through a variety of games, and is one way of educating children in a fun, intelligent way.

3. Nima Portable Gluten Tester



Although some people might have only a slight reaction to eating gluten, for those with debilitating sensitivity can now be assured, through the use of devices like the Nima portable gluten testing device, that they avoid even the smallest traces of it. With the use of a simple emoji on a screen, the device can pick up any amount of gluten that is above the FDA standard.

4. Here Active Listening Headphones


Noise cancelling headphones might be a revelation when it comes to blocking out unwanted noise, but what if you were actually able to curate which sounds to hear instead? Here has developed what they call “active listening” earphones, which can be adjusted to pick up certain frequencies, with the help of a smartphone app.

5. Pantelligent Cookware



Cooking the perfect meal requires attention to detail that many of us don’t feel we have the capacity for on a normal working day, when all we want to do is create a quick and easy dinner at the end of a long day. With heat sensors that monitor your food, Pantelligent cookware will alert you when your food is ready to your exact specifications, taking the guesswork out of preparing the perfect steak, or a variety of other recipes.

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