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If a leopard can’t change its spots, how can a human change their behaviour? Yes. But it’s not always easy.

If a leopard can’t change its spots, how can a human change their behaviour?

Speaking on time styles and their effects on a team is something we do regularly over at the WNDYR camp. We lean towards effortlessness and look for fun ways to be productive. Each and every day that we go to work, we help our clients shift boundaries, work smarter, and dare I say it … change. While it truly is possible to change your spots, it’s not always easy.


Gather your crew for some free flow thinking or brainstorming. Questions to ponder:

1. What systems, processes & relationships work for you and your team?

Out of what works:

  • Could anything be adjusted so that it works better?
  • Even though it’s working, is it still necessary?

2. What are your personal and team development areas, pain points and stumbling blocks?

Out of what doesn’t work:

  • What can you do to streamline things?
  • What up-skilling, training, processes, systems are needed?

3. Out of all the points listed in 1 and 2 above, which ones directly impact your bottom line?

Now that you know what needs to change, you can determine by when, and by whom.


Why fix it if it’s not broken: This is something I get questioned on a lot when working with teams but it’s my belief that it’s not just the broken things that may need fixing. In many instances I’ve discovered that we grow accustomed to doing things a certain way and even if that particular way works, periodically questioning whether it is both necessary and working optimally, can highlight where efficiency can be improved. Think about that weekly ‘check in’ meeting for example, could you be doing it more efficiently if you didn’t meet in the boardroom?

A change is as good as a holiday: Shake things up a bit, break free from same-old-same-old and shift beyond your current comfort zone. You’re likely to be very pleasantly surprised when you succumb to the perceived pain of change.  

The only constant in life is change: Resist it as much as you want, it’s still going to come knocking. Sometimes it’s a gentle nudge and others a forceful shove. Like you are comfortable with changing your clothes (yes?), why not shift your mind-set about change.  Who knows what the outcome will be and why shouldn’t it be rosy?


We resist change for many reasons; fear of the unknown and comfort in the known, being the most common. Who wants to do what they are afraid of and why rock the boat when everything is hunky-dory as it is?


From my life experiences, I know deeply that regardless of how I felt about an imminent shift in perspective/action, no matter how much I resisted my perceived pending doom, when I stepped boldly into the direction of change, okay, sometimes I had to be pushed, the outcome in hindsight was always positive. That’s when I grew the most. That’s very liberating, and worth remembering the next time that change comes knocking.

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