HR directors rejoice as crucial insights are shared

IBM select Globoforce, the leading provider of social recognition solutions, as their recommended partner to help grow their smarter workforce ecosystem.

It just goes to show that the stellar work that was done to ensure team collaboration and productivity boosting morale by our feature interview Luis Suarez has been continued and built upon in his absence from IBM as we learn that they have selected Globoforce, the leading provider of social recognition solutions, as their recommended recognition partner to help grow and sustain their smarter workforce ecosystem.

A partnership between these two global brands will push the importance of employee recognition and has the power to boost productivity and employee engagement by a massive amount worldwide. It’s a huge step in the right direction towards firmly stating that companies will no longer go back to the way that they once were, and that open collaboration and transparency within teams is winning out.

The partnership includes sales and marketing efforts, solution integration, and future developments within IBM’s Smarter Workforce partner ecosystem.

As part of the new partnership, IBM will promote Globoforce as a recommended social recognition partner to IBM Kenexa® Survey Enterprise clients. IBM Kenexa Survey Enterprise platform is a data discovery solution that helps HR leaders uncover key employee insights that will influence business performance. These surveys also highlight focus areas of concern and opportunity. Given social recognition’s increasingly strategic role in companies today, IBM will recommend its clients to Globoforce’s leading social recognition platform integrated with IBM Kenexa Talent Insights as a proven strategy to address those focus areas, including employee engagement, retention, and overall culture.

An additional component of the IBM-Globoforce partnership is solution integration. Under the terms of the agreement, Globoforce’s social recognition data will be pushed into IBM Kenexa Talent Insights, powered by IBM Watson™ Analytics. The pre-configured integration, available to joint customers of IBM and Globoforce, will provide greater insight into both individual and team performance as well as cultural values adoption. The new Globoforce data connector, combined with IBM Kenexa Talent Insights’ integration capabilities with any other relevant HR data sources, can help HR leaders:

  1. Use cognitive analytics to quickly reveal insights and opportunities in their talent data
  2. Ask questions using the language of HR and quickly get results that drive better business decisions
  3. Navigate team dynamics, cultural influencers, and employee patterns and relationships through dynamic interactive visuals

IBM and Globoforce will also be working together on their shared vision for future solution integration. Building on IBM’s Smarter Workforce ecosystem and vision, social recognition will be tightly integrated into the company’s cloud offerings for the employee experience. The future open ecosystem will help companies hire, engage, and retain talent by leveraging all facets of the HR ecosystem, including performance management, analytics, learning, talent management, IBM Connections, and social recognition.

“IBM is building an ecosystem that’s empowering HR with talent analytics that can influence every stage of the employee experience,” said Eric Mosley, CEO of Globoforce. “We believe Globoforce has the best people data in the world – it can show true employee performance and the strength of employee connections due to its high adoption rates. By integrating social recognition into IBM Kenexa Talent Insights, we’ll be able to provide HR leaders with cultural and talent data that can change the way they manage their workforce. We look forward to working with IBM and their customers to drive the people metrics that are critical to business results.”

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