Our Business Focus for 2017: Be Nimble

After some reflection over the festive season, our CEO Claire Burge decided our business focus for 2017 is be nimble. Here's what this means for us.

It’s a new year, and a chance to realign, refocus and set our business focus for 2017, which also means getting our priorities straight.

The general global consensus seems to be that 2016 was a year of massive change, with many challenges and shifts in the way we perceive global leadership and the way we do business. In our company, there were so many of these kinds of changes last year. In fact, we’ve come to accept change as normal, because of the necessity and inevitability of change as part of growing as a startup.

Every year brings challenges and opportunities for growth, but this year we’ve decided to have even more of a focus by concentrating on one thing: being nimble. This means slightly different things for everyone in the team, but overall, it’s a reminder to stay on our toes, respond quickly, and be adaptable.

Why Be Nimble?

For most of the team, when asked about this word, the popular nursery rhyme came up: “Jack, be nimble, Jack, be quick. Jack, jump over the candlestick!”. It might be a silly thing to associate with work, but we’re not opposed to being silly sometimes, especially if it helps us to do what we do better.

So while we might not be jumping over any candlesticks, we’re having to jump through a lot of metaphorical hoops, and having to make sure we have the strength and dexterity to move when it comes to delivering on something important. Being nimble is being all kinds of things, but to get a better idea of what this actually means, we took some time out to contemplate, using Pinterest.

Our Business Focus for 2017: What Being Nimble Looks Like to Us

To get an insight into how this is going to play out for everyone in the WNDYR team this year, and to get everyone to think about what being nimble really means for them, we asked everyone in the team to create their own Pinterest board, which represents the idea of being nimble, and how they’re going to commit to this in the year ahead.

It’s always so interesting to see what everyone comes up with, and how everyone’s individuality is expressed in the way they group different ideas and images together:

Claire Burge, CEO of WNDYR:

For Claire, being nimble means “…being perceptive” and “…[being] quick and highly responsive.”

Tracey Foulkes, COO of WNDYR:

For Tracey, being nimble means “…first, be kind” and “[doing] what needs to be done.”

Daphne Lopes, Partnership Manager

For our Partnership Manager, Daphne Lopes, being nimble means “…[being] wide awake and aware of everything that happens around you” and “…taking it all in and connecting the dots.”

Laura de la Court, Business Development Manager

For Laura, being nimble means intelligence and perceptivity.

Claudette Paton, HR:

For Claudette, being nimble means “…quick wit, but always with grace” and “turning failure into brilliance.”

Trudy Janse van Rensburg, Executive Assistant:

For Trudy, being nimble means “…[looking] at things from all angles” and “[keeping] an eye out for the unexpected”.

Nicole du Toit, Deployment Consultant:

For Nicole, being nimble means “questioning everything” and “complete focus on the task at hand”.

Ivan Colic, Designer:

For Ivan, being nimble means being creative, intelligent and realising that “good work is hard work”.

 Jenna van Schoor, Writer:

For Jenna, being nimble means “…travelling light and always being ready for an adventure” and “being strong and able to move”.

Craig McFadden, Deployment Consultant

For Craig, being nimble means being adaptable, responsive to change and taking action.

Chenge Maruziva, Deployment Consultant

For Chenge, being nimble means “being daring and creative” and “confidently moving forward”.

Alessandra Conca, Deployment Consultant

For Alessandra, being nimble means “…assessing parameters, but not too much” and “…[observing] beyond what you can see”.

Richard Benade, Deployment Consultant

For Richard, being nimble means adaptability, committing to your goals, and “[being] water” as advised by kung fu legend Bruce Lee.

Our Business Focus for 2017: A Guiding Principle

In summary, everyone in the team’s Pinterest boards speak to the diversity of our team, and our focus on both our own personal development and overall growth as a company.

While everyone has a different role in the company, our focus on being nimble also means being adaptable in the way we respond to and work with each other, and interestingly, as you’ll notice if you go through all of the Pinterest boards, a few people shared the same pins. These overlapping pins were quotes from Einstein about intelligence, cutting the bullshit, and having a proactive attitude to adapting to change.

What’s your Business Focus for 2017?

Taking time out at the beginning of each year to do this kind of reflection is important to us to shape our mindset for the year ahead, as even in just the space of a few weeks, things are picking up pace. This means we’ll also be needing a sense of humour and pictures of cats doing ridiculous things (see above) to get us through the year. and many, many GIFs in the team feed.

What is your business focus, mantra or word for 2017, and what does being nimble mean for you? Share your inspiration, thoughts and ideas in the comments below:

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