The human guide to approaching digital integrations

Adding integrations helps organizations build robust digital work ecosystems that exceed their customer's expectations. Read how to where to start here!

Human Acceleration

By now, the following should be clear: digital technology is not going away. With its impact widespread and its effects impressive, digital technology will only continue to make the world of work a busier, faster and more connected place.

Due to the digital tools businesses now have access to, consumer expectations of what a company can – and should be able to achieve – have reached new heights.

As a result, businesses that fail to maintain a ‘majority adopter’ status will soon be as extinct as the dinosaurs. Let’s have a look at how you can approach digital integrations to ensure you avoid this extinction.

Not like riding a bike

We cannot think of digital integrations in the same way previous generations thought about the personal computer – a complicated machine that would never take off. If we do so,  we run the risk of getting left so far behind that we may as well discard digital transformation altogether and go back to the typewriter. 

It’s helpful to approach the introduction of digital integrations in the same way one learns to ride a bike. In other words, if you had started when you were 5 years old, it would’ve most likely have been easy to learn. However, trying to learn to ride a bike when you are older likely means you’ll be set in your ways and might find learning to ride a much harder challenge.

This analogy applies to integrations as well. That is to say, the longer you postpone the inevitable, the more difficult it would be –  if your business truly wants to continue on its digital transformation journey, you need to get cracking now! 

It is worth remembering that failing to act sooner rather than later means your adoption period will likely be harder on your team and cost you more. While an organisation can always earn more revenue, it is vital to set your team up for success by embracing incremental change!

The nitty-gritty

Digital integration is the idea that data or information on any given electronic device can be read or manipulated by another device using a standard format. Put simply – digital integrations can achieve much, from serving as your very own digital assistant to helping sync up various systems across diverse geographies in real-time.

The value of integrations is really amplified when you connect multiple tools to expand your digital work ecosystem. Although there are many ways to start building your digital work ecosystem, and an easy way to get going is to introduce a DAM system like MediaValet or Widen.

A DAM system allows your team connecting with file sharing and collaboration, project management, and creative tools as part of a creative process, as well as across your customer experience with your web CMS, social media, and marketing automation tools.

Another powerful integration to consider would be adding a communication platform like Telegram or Slack to your ecosystem. An integration like this can increase the speed with which your team communicates and organises work.

As you tie multiple tools together, you’ll create a string of “flows” that connect assets across the value chain. Connecting your DAM, chat and work management platform together would allow you to create new tasks with accurate links to your DAM from the chat tool.

Similarly, if you needed to update an important piece of content in your DAM, this new version would be immediately updated and available in your other systems too.

It’s easy to see how these flows can become very valuable and helpful!

Not all gloom and doom

If you’re reading this and your brow has broken out into a light sheen of guilt, consider it a wake up call to begin the process.

Disrupting the very foundations of your company will open the door for new ideas, opportunities and structures. In fact, doing so often breathes new life into businesses that the idea of ‘disruption as a tool’ has been heralded as a game-changer for corporations around the world – from giants like McDonald’s leading firms like Alphabet.

Yes, the process may be hard. Yes, your team may dislike having to change the way they work. Your systems and processes will need to be updated. However, you don’t have to deal with this disruptive process alone. 

Working with a digital transformation consultancy like WNDYR means you’ll have access to deployment teams, change management experts and integration specialists on speed dial as you journey towards human acceleration.

If your organisation needs guidance to find an easy-to-use solution or looking to optimize your processes, the WNDYR team can assist you in taking a step towards digital transformation!

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