Virtual Office



Are you a starter, adopter or remote work leader?


We meet you where you are at to build a high performance virtual team.

Working remote is *not* the same as working in an office. It demands an entirely different dynamic. As a global team working virtually, we've come to understand the real challenges when getting your team setup to thrive, without compromising company culture.

Covid-19 has forced many traditional offices into makeshift remote work from home setups, many of these aren’t optimized to sustain this way of working, which is why we've built the roadmap. We know the rules and the tools every company needs, regardless of where you are on your remote work journey. especially right now.

How it works:

Our team works with yours through a series on online sessions. We understand that there is not a one-size-fits-all approach so meet you exactly where you are right now and build your foundations up from there.

You'll be asked to complete a questionnaire to determine if you are a starter, adopter and leader in remote work. Regardless of where you fall, we have the solution. We work with you and your team(s) to:

Lay the strategy and align leadership for a successful virtual organisation

Build processes and systems to create scalable and robust practices to sustain remote working

Engage, drive, motivate, align your teams and help you build your emerging leaders - all of this while having fun!

Remote work is an integral part of digital transformation- we must adapt or become irrelevant. We’ve walked hundreds of companies through this journey now it’s your turn.


You’re a company that would like to be more flexible and versatile with your workforce by starting to offer a remote option. You see the benefits of remote work and need some guidance in order to make it a reality.


You likely have remote employees for a different number of reasons- whether it is the need for some individuals to travel to client sites to do work, or even the day-to-day duties of certain roles can be done remotely.


You have the tools and infrastructure in place to support a team of individuals working mostly independently. Remote culture is forming but you are still struggling with inclusion and are looking for ways to improve insights and communication.