How Are We Different to Other Deployment Companies?

There are a lot of companies who do software deployment, how are we different?

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There are a lot of companies who do software deployments, how are we different?

This is a question our sales team get asked, often, and the answer isn’t straightforward, mostly because our team is diverse, and has so much to offer when it comes to helping people use and adopt software more effectively.

So to be clear about what differentiates us from other companies who offer software deployment, and how we’re able to offer more effective ways to increase user adoption, optimise first-time user experience and ensure SaaS customer success, here goes:

1. Our approach to a deployment is threefold

This means that we don’t have a one-dimensional view of the software deployment process. To make sure that software is used and optimally adopted in an organisation, we look at three layers: the leadership layer, the technology layer and the individual layer. It’s the interplay of these three layers, and addressing each of these that guarantees success.

2. We become experts in our partner tool

As opposed to some deployment service offerings, we don’t only offer onboarding expertise for a certain software tool, our diverse, tech-savvy and adaptable team of trainers is adept at using a variety of tools, which means our offering is more holistic, as we have experience in a number of different applications. Our internal deployment team also goes through rigorous training before they even start to deal with clients.

3. We create effective processes

It’s not enough to get helpful hints and tips on how to use software interfaces better. To be truly effective, an onboarding approach needs to include a framework that can be applied to a particular organisation. With our methodology, we create robust, intuitive and employee-friendly processes that are easy for our clients to follow when learning how to use a new tool.

4. We know how to change behaviour in the long term

It’s one thing to learn how to use a new tool, but the problem comes in when people take habits they’ve learnt from other applications, like email, and apply them to the use of a different tool. We know how difficult it is to change behaviour, but we also know how to avoid the duplication of unproductive behaviour in a chosen SaaS tool, so users can be fully immersed in a new work environment, without the limitations of ineffective systems.

5. We’re people-focused, not product-focused

There are a lot of tools in the market, but how many of these were actually designed with people in mind? What differentiates us is our ability to apply empathy, creativity and critical thinking to our application of systems and processes and relay these to teams that are learning how to use a new tool. As we’re tool agnostic, we see in the benefit in using a variety of different SaaS tools, all of which are applicable to different work environments, cultures and industries.

Find out more about why our approach to software deployment is different from other offerings out there by getting in touch with our Sales team.

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