5 Minutes with CEO Claire Burge: Inspirational Places in San Francisco

Our CEO Claire Burge is all about unlocking potential in every situation, and this is no different when it comes to visiting a city like San Francisco.

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Our CEO Claire Burge is all about unlocking the potential in every situation, person or problem, and this is no different when it comes to visiting a city. With the go ahead to stay in an upmarket hotel on a recent trip to San Francisco, Claire chose to put this approach into practice and learn more about the city by staying in an airbnb house share in the Mission District instead.

Here are some of the inspirational places she visited in the area, which added depth to her experience of the city, many of which she’ll be back to visit again at the end of the month:

  1. The Mission District

While this gentrified area is the heart of San Francisco today, the inspiring graffiti masks a darker history, one that made people scared to walk the streets at night in fear when this area was notorious for gang shootings during the 1980’s . While you can happily take a stroll along Balmy Street and Garfield Park today, back then it would have been an entirely different experience, which shows how landscapes can change with focused infrastructural developments.

More simply referred to as “The Mission”, this part of the city is home to the city’s oldest standing building- the site of a church mission settlement for the Order of St. Francis (San Francisco in Spanish). Balmy Street in particular is known for its murals, which were inspired by the Chicano Art Mural Movement during the 1970s, and which were influenced by paintings by famous Mexican artist Diego Riviera. The area still has a strong Latin population today, and is known for its arts scene, food and music.

2. Wise Sons Jewish Delicatessen

With many Jewish delicatessens being celebrated throughout the USA, Wise Sons is another example of a successful business based on traditional food, and one that demonstrates the kind of success that comes with a successful recipe, or many. What began as a pop-up shop has now evolved into an institution, which aims to bring Jewish comfort food to the people of San Francisco, with the addition of cultural context with the Contemporary Jewish Museum right next door.

3. Flour + Water

With a name that speaks to simplicity, Flour + Water serves traditional Italian food from various regions in Italy, combined with Northern Californian ingredients and inspiration. With regular garden update shared on their blog, Flour + Water has a hands-on approach to creating really good food, with opportunities to enjoy this in a private dining setting or during one of their pasta classes.

4. The Local Mission Market

In a world where environmental issues are becoming more prominent, San Francisco is a city that focuses on sustainability as a way of life, especially when it comes to good quality fresh produce. While there are so many restaurants and so much delicious food in The Mission, shopping for fresh ingredients is a sure way to not only get the best food in the region, but also interact and engage with the local community.

With all of their produce sourced within a radius of 100 miles, the Local Mission Market prides itself on its relationships with farmers in the area, and creating an environment where people can not only buy food, but also take part in cooking classes and other community events.

5. St. Frank’s

The growth of the artisan coffee industry is evident in cities around the world, and San Francisco is no exception. With a name that plays on the city’s namesake, Saint Franks is a coffee shop that celebrates all aspects of life, just like the venerated Saint Francis did- an approach we appreciate with our focus as a company on unlocking potential for looking at things differently, in all situations.

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