Managing Digital Assets: How DAMs help across industries

Need a little more convincing about how a DAM can help your team? WNDYR takes a look at the ways multiple industries are benefiting from DAMs.

Future of Work

Whether you’re a company operating in dozens of countries or a local, single-office organization, a DAM or digital asset management system will help you protect and secure your collection of digital assets, improve your creative processes, integrate departments and meet your business goals faster. 

As we’ve written before, when digital assets become misplaced or lost or scattered, many different companies – no matter their trade or size – suffer from failure to meet business goals, wasted time and at worst, the complete loss of valuable digital assets. 

In this post, the WNDYR team take a closer look at some of the common benefits different industries are able to enjoy from the use of digital asset management platforms. Let’s dive in!


Using a digital asset management system gives both manufacturers and their partners a one-stop vault for all their brand information. Manufacturers can strengthen the use of their brand by enabling their partners to search their share DAMS by SKU, product ID, and more.

This strategy is useful since manufacturers often collaborate with their buyers, distributors, and retailers to get their products and messaging to their end customers. As manufacturers’ business growth relies on their speed and accuracy, investing in a shared DAM solution to communicate with distributors and provide them with the most up-to-date product information, images, and brand collateral makes financial sense.

Creative Agencies

Agencies around the world are faced with a daunting challenge; standing out of a crowd of thousands to attract and sign future customers. In addition to their creative prowess, those agencies providing better lines of communication, shorter turnaround times, and better access to final projects than their competitors end up attracting more business.

Providing a single point of access for clients to find finished projects and brand assets minimizes the challenge of adding ongoing value to customers and streamlines the creative production process between the different departments inside creative agencies and their clients.

Higher Education

Like creative agencies, universities, and colleges are increasingly in a market where the need for strong visual presence drives recruitment, funding, and student engagement. Frequently, this large and often growing volume of photos, video, and other content is not managed collectively but rather in silos across multiple teams. As a result, many higher education organizations are overwhelmed as they seek solutions to effectively manage their marketing collateral. 

By introducing DAM solutions and providing a single point of access, marketing and communication teams of higher education institutions can provide users with the ability to securely access, update, download, and share files from any location – on or off-campus – to improve cross-campus marketing consistency and drive connection with stakeholders.

Real Estate & Construction

Real estate companies depend on their agents, departments and partners to gain interest and increase sales by using property photos, virtual tours and content templates. However, with large file sizes and increasingly complex file types, such as 3D models and CAD files, it can be a challenge to effectively connect these teams with the content they need to ensure their sales or construction targets. A DAM allows Real Estate & Construction organizations to secure all of their assets in a single library while supplying sales content to all employees across the organization quickly and accurately.


With the tech industry being more competitive than ever, tech companies need to engage with customers across multiple digital channels if they hope to be noticed. To achieve success, both the teams and relevant content need to be extremely well-aligned. However, this can be a challenge when departments and offices are siloed.

It is estimated that IT professionals look for media files approximately 83 times per week and fail to find the files 35% of the time. A DAM solution strips away these divisions by creating a single source for any and all departments to find the content, templates and brand assets they need to create and share on-brand material.

Retail & eCommerce

Retail and eCommerce organizations rely on high-quality images and engaging content to not only build trust in their brand but to also entice customers to make purchases. As retailers expand their product lines and distribution channels, it can become more challenging to manage and streamline their content creation. Digital asset management helps retailers effectively manage the creation and distribution of their brand materials across every department, team and partner. From eCommerce to in-store signage, a DAM ensures that every channel remains consistent and on-brand.

Hospitality and Tourism

Depending on the size of the establishment and whether or not they’re present in several locations, being able to successfully manage a hospitality enterprise can be difficult enough without having to worry about content across chains, geographies and products.

Similarly, in tourism-driven businesses, employees typically work with agencies and partners across geographical boundaries. Tourism boards and hotels can benefit massively by using a DAM to consolidate scattered and siloed collections and use DAMs as an online hub to help drive customer engagement and encourage user-generated content, like Instagram photos. It is also a solid investment as research has found that for every dollar invested in DAM, the return is between $8 and $14.


In their drive to address societal challenges, non-profit organizations often have the majority of their employees work off-site. A key concern with predominantly remote teams is the time wasted trying to manage marketing material across multiple hard drives and personal computers. A DAM provides easy access to assets as well as convenient backups in the Cloud no matter where employees or volunteers are working. 

Taking the next step

In closing, whether your organization is in a high-stakes commercial environment like that of agencies and tech companies or more outcome-driven like non-profits, there’s no doubt that the benefits DAMs offer are worth the investment. If your organization needs guidance to find an easy-to-use solution or looking to optimize your processes, the WNDYR team can assist you in taking a step toward digital transformation!

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