Virtual Teams: 7 Lessons Learnt from Working Remotely

In a connected world, working remotely and virtually brings people together across continents and timezones. But how easy is it to really make it work?

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Working remotely in a virtual team can bring people together across continents and timezones in a meaningful way. But how easy is it to really make it work?

Right now, WNDYR is a team of 25 people based throughout Europe, South Africa and the USA.

While working with a variety of different communication and workflow tools, such as Go To Meeting, Telegram, Teamwork and Wrike, we’ve built up the kind of company and virtual team that many people dream about, even with the trickiness of negotiating time zones, technical issues and daylight savings time.

But even though we enjoy all of the benefits of working remotely, it hasn’t been easy to make this happen. The truth is that while it’s liberating and creates the space for a very meaningful, but different, kind of work, it’s also very challenging.

Our CEO Claire Burge touches on this topic in a recent post on the Go To Meeting blog, in which she shares 7 lessons that she has learnt about working remotely.

Interested in finding out more about our company and how we’re working towards our greater vision of changing the world of work? Get in touch with us to find out more.

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