How to be a client your deployment consultant loves

Want to know the secrets behind onboarding success? We’ve gathered the top tips from our deployment consultant team to ensure you and your team can reap the benefits of successful SaaS onboarding!

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Let’s talk about relationships. Whether it is a working relationship, friendship or a family relationship, input and commitments need to be reciprocal. This approach will ensure a successful and long-lasting relationship.

As with all good relationships, your relationship with your deployment consultant can lead to triumph. Here are 5 excellent tips that will ensure you become the type of client your deployment consultant loves.

1. Be willing to put in time and effort

Let’s be honest – any relationship can only work if both sides are making an effort.

Missing scheduled calls, leaving emails from your consultant unanswered and making last minute reschedules are strong indicators that something is wrong. It is like avoiding your mother-in-law or that dreaded weekly call with granny. We often put off doing the things we feel are obligatory and feel powerless over.

So how do you overcome this? Generally speaking, putting in the work is simpler when you know what you’re working towards.

It’s extremely important to discuss your goals and potential blockages with your consultant. Remember, they’ve gone through similar situations before. They have the skills to help unpack issues and will empower you to move forward. If you don’t have clear goals in mind, you and your team will very likely struggle to gain momentum. Your work and productivity might also suffer, as your deployment consultant adds homework for you and your team to complete.

2. Guide your consultant in how your team does work

Each team brings their own unique set of processes and limitations.  As skilled as your deployment consultants may be, there’s no chance that they will have the same insights as you do about your team. These insights include how your team organises, manages or reviews the work you do.  A solution that works in one department may very well not work in another. In most instances, clients become so excited by their new platform’s potential, that they often don’t consider what makes their processes unique! Our WNDYR deployment consultants recommend you review the following points with your team:

  • review and understand why you bought the platform
  • identify the kinds of work your team does
  • review the processes around how work is organised, managed, reviewed and approved
  • clarify your expectations of the platform

The key to maximising this opportunity for success is preparation. Having an insightful understanding of the above points will ensure that your deployment consultant has a rich and in-depth understanding of your team. This will guide them in producing your utterly unique solution for you and your team.  

3. Getting buy-in from the other team members

One of the most valued client qualities that deployment consultants look for is enthusiasm. A positive and enthusiastic attitude is a critical component of platform onboarding success.

As motivating as your deployment consultants may be, there might be some individuals in your team that push back during training. In such instances, having an enthusiastic person on the team can help the deployment consultant deal with these concerns.

And the easiest way to become enthusiastic? Start by defining your goals and getting organised! Being goal orientated can be contagious. This will result in your team and consultant developing the best environment within the parameters of the new platform.

If everyone is clear on the goals, it makes it easier for everyone to achieve those goals. A positive mindset to training will make the difference between a good and great deployment experience.

4. Work on your Standard Operating Procedures

Relationships work best when expectations are defined and met. The most effective way to achieve this in the workplace is to have clear, well-defined standard operating procedures (SOP) in place.

Once your team is familiar with the new platform, empower them through a set of rules that will make their life easier. See it as a relationship with a gym instructor. The gym instructor (your deployment consultant) teaches you the correct exercises (the platform). You then need to follow your new routine (SOP) to be successful – no pain, no gain.

The manner in which your team works will define what SOP would offer the best fit, so it’s important to have a discussion with your team. Since a top-down approach likely won’t ensure success, your team must drive the procedures and channels that’ll make sticking to their new way of work the easiest.

5. Be willing to be open minded

If your team has said “we’ve always done it this way” you may need to re-evaluate the situation. A very common blockage our deployment consultants encounter is client getting stuck on the how and not the why of the work process.

Your team might be stuck in an outdated way of working, so being asked to embrace a new platform might be daunting. Change is good, but change can also be scary. Discuss the fears and concerns with your team, with a focus on why they are feeling resistant. Address and explain to your team why the new platform was adopted and highlight the benefits.

Understanding the why will make the how much easier.

Teams that have reviewed their processes, set their targets and are prepared to put in the work, should easily come to a solution that fits their needs with the help of their consultant.

At the heart of making your onboarding a success story is knowing what your deployment consultant needs from you. Prepare your goals and needs and share them with your deployment consultant. If you are open minded, prepared and enthusiastic, your deployment consultant will love you for it.

Looking for onboarding solutions that WORK? For more information on how WNDYR can help you rethink the way your organisation does onboarding, contact Prasoon Ranjan, our head of Customer Success, to find out more.

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