Why is a Deployment the Starting Point for our Vision?

With a software deployment, we combine technology that allows for better work with a better approach to adapting to technological change.

Software deployment is the starting point for our vision as a company, but why?

Picture this. Corporate teams struggle with email overwhelm and need a different way to approach their work. SaaS project management and communication tools are the obvious choice for a more collaborative and productive working environment, but how do you combine technology and people in the best possible way, for the best possible outcome?

In short, you need to make sure that project management and communication tools can be successfully adopted into a team, and then into a greater company. But where do you start?

The SaaS market is vast, and being relatively affordable, it’s easy for end users to chop and change, and not really invest in figuring out how to integrate a project management or communication tool into a team properly. This is where a deployment comes in. Our Partnership Manager Daphne Lopes shared her insights into why it’s the starting point for our vision as a company:

“We want to shape the future of work and we want to make it better. We want to accelerate humans and make sure that people are at their best, and doing what matters most.”

With WNDYR‘s history in productivity consulting and workplace transformation, we’ve developed an approach to work that incorporates everything you need to do on a given workday to do exactly that, work. We’ve taken this approach and applied it to the way collaborative and project management tools are integrated into the daily workflows of a team and company, with the addition of proven productivity practices that make technological change “sticky”.

We’ve all worked in an environment where technology has not been optimised. We’ve all experienced inefficient processes coupled with ineffective technology, and many, many failed projects because of this.

“It doesn’t matter what technology you bring in to your business if it fits your requirements, but if you don’t deploy it properly, it’s not going to work, and then it’s a waste of time, money and effort for no result.”

In other words, we combine technology that allows for better work, with a better approach to managing technological change. In short, we make technology, people and processes go together, with our expertise in understanding human behaviour, and how people adapt to change.

“Deployment is a stepping stone for us as a business, it’s the technology that’s going to enable the human to do the really critical tasks, to do that critical thinking, to use creativity.”

Technological developments aren’t slowing down anytime soon, so for us to be able to accelerate as humans and thrive in the future, we need good processes, and good technology, to free us up for more meaningful work. We know how to combine these to get the best of both, do you?

Get in touch with us to find out more about our approach to software deployment, and how we can help you with our Customer Success Management solutions, to beat churn and increase long-term adoption.

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