7 tips to beat the boredom out of being organised

Here are seven ways I get through those tiresome, slow, dull and boring times getting organised.

My passion as an Organiser is to help overwhelmed people. I love to create systems that are simple and streamlined to help you and I live life to the max. That’s the focus. That’s the goal. And, that’s the reason behind my motivation.

Here are seven ways I get through those tiresome, slow, dull and boring organising times:

1. Make it fun

Put on some music, bring out the snacks, and find the smile in the day. A good attitude goes a long way to a productive day.

2. Focus on the “Why?”

I always ask my clients why they want to get organised. This Big Picture thinking is the motivation to keep you going when you get bored and want to quit.

3. Break it up

An 8 hour Filing stint is overwhelming even for me! Figure out your limits and even if you can only manage an hour a day (or an hour a week), get started and focus. In a year’s time you’ll be glad you got going, even if it was just baby steps.

4. Crunch the Container

Some of us just work better under pressure. So set a deadline and put the pressure on. You will be amazed at what you can do when time is limited.

5. Set a nice Juicy Reward

Getting organised is hard work. So be kind to yourself. Set a nice juicy reward. Perhaps a flight to Mauritius or a fabulous cappuccino. Whatever you fancy; a treat to work towards is a must!

6. Delegate as much as you can

A good friend of mine used to say to me, “What needs to be done? Who can do it? What must I do?” Think through your tasks and see how you can free up some time by sharing the load.

7. Find an Organising buddy

Hire a Professional Organiser or find a friend who can be an Organising Buddy. Either way it’s not bad to call for help. At WNDYR we believe in working to our strengths and we believe in team. So remember, there’s nothing bad about shouting for help.

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