Are you a 1-3-5 thinker?

1-3-5 helps you think about your task list as an overall contribution towards your company’s growth and not just as boxes that need to be ticked.

It is often a task in itself to create a task list, maintain it and to update it accordingly can feel too labourious to be worthwhile. But there are tools out there that can help, even if it seems in the most basic, non-intrusive fashion they can organise your mind and help you plan your day.

1-3-5 is a task system that grew from a simple premise. As Occam discovered in the 11th century the less assumptions and confusion surrounding a hypothesis, the better the theory.

Before we examine the system let’s examine the psychology.

The 1-3-5 rule helps you to sort through your task list and prioritise your overall workload. It operates by suggesting you can complete 1 major task, 3 medium tasks and 5 smaller tasks on any given work day. This rule is a realistic way of creating a task list you can complete and earn that rewarding rush of accomplishment when you cross something off.

[su_pullquote align=”right”]No human being, with a large beautiful mass of grey matter, should spend their days, numb and dumbed-down, doing repetitive work which leaves them tired, stifled, poor and unimaginative.[/su_pullquote]

Where this method really plays to its strengths is when dealing with long term projects and tasks with a lengthy future due date. Some tasks have an inconvenient habit of remaining unimportant until they become VITAL. The deadline is looming and all of a sudden what was a minor task has transformed into a mountain of work. By using the 1-3-5 system you are forced to consider the importance and scale of a task

This an ideal way to help you prioritise your workload. If you find yourself in a constant whirlwind of tasks that all seem to be high priority this tool can help you construct a working plan to create a more productive way of working. 1-3-5 helps you think about your task list as an overall contribution towards your company’s growth and not just as boxes that need to be ticked.

The basic 1-3-5 list is free to sign up to and simple to use. The simple structure and make-up means you can get started on creating your list right away. The basic plan allows you to create two lists- I suggest one for business and one for personal errands. There is a premium package available for $2.40 /month and this allows you to create up to 50 lists and unlimited tasks as well as sharing your list with others.

The 1-3-5 list works best on an individual level and I recommend using it alongside your project management tools to provide an essential task list for your day. It is an excellent concept to employ when that nasty feeling of overwhelm sets in and you need to knuckle down and put on the distraction blinkers.

While 1-3-5 is a lot simpler than other task management apps like Wunderlist and Todoist it comes into it’s own because of the way it encourages your brain to structure your workload.

There is no app or downloading to do as it functions directly out of your browser on any device with access to the internet. It does however have a Google Chrome extension which means you can view and edit your list while browsing which is useful when you’re dipping in and out of your project management systems, LinkedIn or researching so you can task yourself accordingly.

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