WNDYR partners with Beyond Capital to support high-impact, small businesses

WNDYR's team members are joining Beyond Capital’s Ambassador Program to fund businesses that raise the quality of life in low-income communities.

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Tracey Foulkes, Co-Founder and CPO of WNDYR and Pattyrn

We are delighted to announce that WNDYR's team members are joining forces with Beyond Capital’s Ambassador Program. Our team will be supporting Beyond Capital through individual financial contributions that will invest in impactful, early-stage businesses and funding their current portfolio of businesses throughout India, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, and Tanzania.

These contributions will fund businesses that increase the quality of life and alleviate poverty in low-income communities by creating greater access to:

  • Health care
  • Food security
  • Sanitation
  • Financial inclusion
  • Clean energy

As WNDYR and Pattyrn’s co-founders, Claire and I knew we wanted to encourage our team to collectively make a global impact through small contributions to impactful social enterprises. Now, thanks to each and every one of our team members' contributions, we are able to support Beyond Capital's vision to sustainably increase the standard of living for consumers at the bottom of the economic pyramid.

In the 11 years since its founding, Beyond Capital has generated a positive portfolio return and delivered three exits. In addition, they’ve enabled their portfolio companies to raise 100 times the invested capital and achieve sustainable growth with pro bono and mentoring services valued at $550,000. 

Every $1 Beyond Capital invests reaches 28 people, including 22 women, in underserved communities. Their impact reaches over sixteen million people living in low-income communities, including eleven million women.

Claire and I want to thank our WNDYR team for personally contributing financially to create more equitable conditions in the workplace alongside Beyond Capital. Together, we strive to make a difference for all.

About WNDYR & Pattyrn

The future of work is now. 

WNDYR will teach your employees how to work smarter using tools that enhance collaboration and identify unnecessary barriers. Our mission is to break the legacy behaviors before they destroy your teams’ professional productivity and personal health. Your team leaders will learn how to help themselves by accessing data-driven insights exclusively found in Pattyrn. Valuable insights that would be nearly impossible to find on your own. 

Pattyrn identifies trends across multiple platforms – email, calendars, tasks, video conferencing, workflow management – and benchmark the combined results so each individual team member can learn to grow as individuals, as leaders and in comparison to their peers in the marketplace overall. We can do better together.

About Beyond Capital

Beyond Capital is an impact investment fund that supports early-stage social enterprises throughout India, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Uganda. This non-profit invests in social enterprises perceived by those outside the market to carry a higher risk than they actually bear. Beyond Capital then offers them management advisory, pro bono resources, and mentoring to ensure these enterprises are successful in their missions. Their mission is to sustainably increase the quality of life and standard of living for consumers at the bottom of the economic pyramid.


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