Bring a little wonder to your world.




If you get nerdishly excited about stretching yourself to try new things—big things that can radically redefine entire ways of thinking and doing—then we want to meet you.

If navigating through chaos today to create a better place for everyone to work tomorrow sounds like just your thing...seriously, we want you to get in touch.

From products, to services, to sponsored events and philanthropic involvements, we’re here to bring wonder (and inspired wandering) to your world, the world, and ours.






As productivity and human behavior specialists, we're especially curious about the role that work has on each individual, since it fills 90% of the average person's time.

Given that reality, what if work could help people continually evolve into improved versions of themselves?


That's the question we start from—whether we're developing an insights product, deploying software, setting up native and API integrations, or onboarding teams to their new work management systems.





Each day is yours. What will you do with it? Where will you work?

We're looking for individuals who are excited to set their own direction, within the context of the larger WNDYR team and goals.


Work from a tropical paradise, or from the comfort of your couch in an urban studio. As long as you've got wifi, you're set to make yourself at home anywhere in the world, working fully remote for WNDYR.





At WNDYR, we care about the whole person—not just the work you'll be doing for us.

As part of caring for the whole person, we offer benefits and perks that both support you and build your life.


To that end, you can choose as many of the following as you like:


• up to 26 days of paid time off

• federal holidays, including Juneteenth + Veterans day

• birth-holi-day (take your birthday to do as you please … the coffee & cake is on us)

• community service day

• take leave for having/adopting a baby

• healthcare - dental - vision

• 401k matching plan



Woman with tongue out in a black WNDYR top, lying on her stomach and pulling her feet to the back of her head
Man with facemask on, in black WNDYR top doing indoor climbing on red and yellow holds
Woman smiling in black WNDYR top, with navy jeans sitting down
Man hanging upside down with glasses and medium length white hair, in a black WNDYR top
Man with glasses on and tongue out, in a meditating pose with his hands and in a black WNDYR top