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Why healthcare institutions choose WNDYR


of healthcare workers have left their jobs since February 2020 due to burnout.

4 out of 5

of those who remain state that staff shortages impact patient care and the ability to work safely.


increase in telehealth services since the start of the pandemic means that more of the medical workforce will be working remotely.

Who WNDYR works with

HR Leaders

CHO, CHRO, CPO, VP of HR, HR Director

COVID-19 thrust complex challenges onto healthcare institutions, stressing the need for operational resilience as administrative staff transitioned to remote and hybrid work models.
Fortunately, HR leaders can turn to WNDYR’s future of work experts to help successfully transition their workforce to a more sustainable virtual work environment. Ensuring that you are able to foster a virtual workplace for employees to thrive professionally and personally is our #1 priority.

Business Leaders

CEO, COO, President, Founder

The people behind the scenes are just as important to a healthcare organization as its frontline workers. Which is why making sure your administrative staff have the right tools to support medical workers and patients is so important. Use WNDYR’s digital workplace transformation strategy to modernize and streamline your team’s remote work experience. Don’t lose any more of your top employees due to an outdated work model. Stay ahead of your competitors and set your organization up for success, today.

Don’t see your title here? We’re not surprised, what we’re doing is very new. Have you been tasked with these initiatives?

  • Leading a digital workplace transformation within your organization
  • Transitioning your team to a remote or hybrid work model permanently
  • Reducing employee churn rates and hiring top talent
  • Building a company culture in a remote or hybrid workplace

How WNDYR can help you navigate digital workplace transformation

digital workplace transformation in healthcare office

Unite your people & culture

With the sudden shift to hybrid and remote workplaces, keeping healthcare workers united is essential to everyday functions, like billing, scheduling and medical record storage. Receive a strategy personalized to your organization to build a company culture that enables a high-performance, engaged virtual team. Plus, become equipped to analyze team sentiment with people analytic tools to improve the remote employee experience and raise employee retention.

Streamline your technological processes

Today, 76% of healthcare workers report exhaustion and burnout. Simplify your administrative teams’ day-to-day by streamlining the use of their digital platforms. At WNDYR, we help you create and train your employees on straightforward and automated work processes that are consistent across your entire organization. We even provide you the tools and support to ensure these processes are maintained over time.

healthcare workplace transformation meeting
people collaborating on healthcare workplace transformation

Reignite the human connection

Every strategy created and process implemented is built around the human experience. Whether working remotely or within a hybrid model, your team will remain connected with our people analytics solution, Pattyrn. Created to enhance every workplace transformation package we offer and maintain the human connection within virtual teams, Pattyrn analyzes how employees work across their digital tools in addition to their stress levels. That way, you gain insights into how your employees feel, which directly impacts how they are working. To lead a successful workplace transformation, each individual’s success will ultimately lead to your institution’s success.

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