Welcome to our business leadership video series! Watch as our CEO, Claire Haidar, shares snappy soundbites on how to be a better leader and develop high-performing teams in a constantly fluctuating work environment.

24. Connecting as a team | Future of Work

23. Trusting Your Leadership Instincts | Future of Work

22. How Multitasking at Work Leads to Breakthough Moments | Future of Work

21. Failure: How it can help you succeed at work | Future of Work

20. Remote v In person v Virtual Work Culture | Future of Work

19. Designing a New Vision for Virtual Leadership, Mentorship & Culture | Future of Work

18. The Importance of Navigating Turbulent Business Situations | The Future of Work

17. How Communication Overhead Impacts Your Business & Your People | Future of Work

15. Why Shifting Your Angle is Necessary to Survive a Work Vortex | Future of Work

14. The Lifecycle of Onboarding and Helping a New Employee Find their Stride | Future of Work

13. Creating Connection in the New Reality of Remote Work | Future of Work

12. How to Transition back to an in Office Work Culture | Future of Work

11. What Loading the Dishwasher teaches about Running a Business & Managing Teams | Future of Work

10. Engineering Brain, Fold It Problem Solving, and Box Creativity | Future of Work

9. Sanity Tools to Fight Fatigue and Work Burnout | Future of Work

8. Balancing the Art of Uninformed Optimism & Pessimism | Future of Work

7. Reinventing Your Tech Stack - When & Why | Future of Work

6. Staying True to Your Core Values & Mission During a Crisis

5. The Competitive Advantage of Truly Knowing what your Customers Need | The Future of Work

4. What Cutting Down a Healthy Pecan Tree Teaches us about Essential Business Cuts | Future of Work

3. Top 5 Things Leaders Should Focus on During the Pandemic | Future of Work

2. The Importance of Stripping Off the Productive Layers of Your Business | Future of Work

1. Five Phases Every Company Experiences with Remote Work | Future of Work

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