Discover our partner "Widen"


Our partner Widen gets your content organized and reusable, for all customer touchpoints.

Whether you're dealing with digital assets, product specs, or marketing copy—at any point in the work process—Widen's technology will keep your team clicking with energy and innovation.

3 Ways Widen Keeps Your Team Clicking


Widen simplifies how content gets to market by reducing the frazzle and friction in your storage, communication, and workflows. Here's how the cloud-based Widen Collective® keeps your team clicking:


1. Brings content together to create a searchable, shareable library of your photos, videos, documents, podcasts, and product information.


2. Enables you to send content anywhere. Easily distribute content to any person or system to support sales, marketing, and e-commerce!.


3. Accelerates your workflows. Use automation to guide content through creation, review, approval, and distribution.


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Electronics Manufacturer
Global Non-Profit Movement
Technology Company


That's the sound of innovation

when you free yourself from

workflow friction.


(Try to say that three times, fast.
Or skip it, and go get Widen now.)

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"Our partnership with Widen takes the WNDYR vision, which is centered on empowering individuals in work, and enhances it with their technology. Widen's ability to continually adapt and meet the customer where they are makes them a partner we not only respect but really enjoy collaborating with daily.”

—Claire Haidar, WNDYR CEO