Tracey Foulkes

It's time to shake up the world of work. I get the honour of experimenting with how this looks on the ground. We work with some of the world's largest organisations to bring about change in a very real way. We have a ton of fun doing it and we get an absolute kick out of seeing teams functioning differently and better than before.

Stories by Tracey

Company News

The WNDYR No Bullshit Guide

The NO BULLSHIT GUIDE is an anchor in the WNDYR company culture. It is a way for us to drive behaviours inside the team which ensure long-term health.

Company News

Human Human: A WNDYR Perspective

Launching WNDYR, our new name and brand to massively influence the future of work. Tracey Foulkes shares her journey as part of the human team at...

Staying focused on the positive

As a leader, your team depend on you to keep your cool, stay focused, be positive and ooze strength; so how do you do it? I might have found my...

Future of Work

Stepping Into Big Shoes

Stepping into new managerial shoes takes time. Here are five crucial ways to develop the new trust you need from your team in order to lead them to...

Future of Work

Manage someone who knows more than you

Ego aside, here's some ideas on how to manage the best out of your team and build on your own knowledge for the greater good of the organisation.

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