Announcement of Adobe’s Workfront Breakthrough Partner of the Year award press release

Celebrate with us and learn why WNDYR has just been awarded Adobe’s 2021 Breakthrough Partner of the Year for the Americas

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April 19, 2021 — WNDYR has been awarded as the Workfront Breakthrough Partner of the Year (for the Americas) in Adobe’s 2021 Digital Experience Awards.

Adobe recently acquired Workfront, the leading work management platform for marketers. With this acquisition, they are awarding their joint global partners for contributing to this new Adobe software suite integration and seamless customer experience.

We won the Workfront Breakthrough Partner of the Year award by doubling our Workfront practice in 2020. Since 2016, we’ve implemented work management applications for over 4,000 customers while maintaining high customer satisfaction. Our Net Promoter Score for Workfront implementations stands at an excellent 71, based on 1400 NPS responses, with no detractors!

As productivity and behavioral specialists passionate about building the future of work, we love partnering with Workfront for their configurable work management tools that streamline project delivery across enterprise organizations. Forrester research concluded that Workfront provides companies with an ROI of up to 285% over three years with a payback period of less than three months. Which is why we are so proud of being key drivers in growing Workfront’s commercial business.

“This is a defining moment in our growth. We are grateful for the recognition. We are excited about the Digital Work Transformation the entire world is undergoing. Our customers, who have trusted us to navigate them through this exciting evolution of who and what they are, inspire us; and working with each of them is a privilege.”

Claire Haidar, CEO & co-founder, WNDYR

We want to thank Adobe for recognizing WNDYR as a key partner in helping organizations reach successful digital transformation. We look forward to accelerating this vision with Adobe’s strong customer experience management (CXM) solutions and API on our side!


The future of work is now.

WNDYR will teach your employees how to work smarter using tools that enhance collaboration and identify unnecessary barriers. Our mission is to break the legacy behaviors before they destroy your teams’ professional productivity and personal health. Your team leaders will learn how to help themselves by accessing data-driven insights exclusively found in Pattyrn. Valuable insights that would be nearly impossible to find on your own.

Pattyrn identifies trends across multiple platforms – email, calendars, tasks, video conferencing, workflow management – and benchmark the combined results so each individual team member can learn to grow as individuals, as leaders and in comparison to their peers in the marketplace overall. We can do better together.

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