How HR can use people analytics

Learn how HR people analytics offer a better, data-driven approach to Human Resources Management across in-person and remote workplaces.

People Analytics

HR departments are tasked with managing perhaps a company's most unpredictable yet essential resource: its people. After all, how do you identify the best-performing, happiest employees, and replicate their work experience throughout your organization? Or pinpoint where employee performance, retention, word of mouth and everything in between is lacking? The answer lies in HR people analytics.

Learn exactly what this valuable resource is and how you can use it to gain visibility across every type of workplace, from a traditional office to a fully remote, global workforce. 

What are HR people analytics?

HR people analytics refers to the collection, analysis and reporting of your HR department's data. Another way to view HR people analytics is as a data-driven approach to Human Resources Management that you can use to support and manage your organization’s workforce.

How HR people analytics differ from other forms of reporting

Many common business tools like Slack, Google suite and more offer reporting. However, rarely do these tools show the big picture of your organization’s remote work. To understand this data and know what action to take, HR professionals would have to piece together all the data from their organization’s tech stack and even then they may not know its implications for employees or the organization. 

What this means: without HR people analytics, most HR professionals are left to rely on intuition or a gut feeling. This is a poor long-term strategy for any department, let alone one that involves managing people. Without data-informed decisions, you risk letting bias, lack of knowledge of how specific departments function best, and poor visibility hurt your HR department's value.

HR people analytics solves these challenges by piecing together your organization’s digital work and showing you trends you should know about. With this smart data analysis, you can watch in real-time how your HR initiatives and other interventions create waves in employee motivation, productivity and retention.

Why HR departments benefit from HR people analytics

Keep in mind that proving your HR department’s value is critical. HR professionals are quickly catching on to this with the HR analytics market forecasted to grow by 90% in the next three years, becoming worth $3.6 billion. 

This is occurring because without data to base HR success on, your department and its profitability may be undervalued. Too often, HR is considered a “soft” department that doesn’t bring in adequate money. This could not be farther than the truth.

As many public studies conclude, if HR can successfully improve employee job satisfaction, they stand to improve:

All hefty profits when you calculate how they measure up to your organization's numbers. The only problem? HR are rarely quantifying this success in the same way that marketing and finance are doing for their own department goals. 

Access modern HR people analytics with Pattyrn

HR people analytics brings the data you need into Human Resources, and Pattyrn is the ultimate platform for any forward-thinking HR professional or manager. 

Use Pattyrn to view trends in employee sentiment based on calculations on common ways digital work stresses out employees. Changing or late due dates, task repetition, and too many meetings are just a few of these indicators. 

The people analytics platform also offers metrics on the five universal areas of work: tasks, time, meeting, documents and communications. With this data, you can finally put concrete evidence in front of leadership teams, management and coworkers on how the workforce or specific teams are working, performing and feeling concerning their work. You can also identify larger patterns to learn the implications this data has for the organization at large.

For a more in-depth look at how we make the intangible, tangible and calculate how employees feel about their workplace, request a click-through demo of Pattyrn.

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