Finding WNDYRLAND – A journey into the future of work

WNDYR CEO Claire Haidar shares a fable about an approaching journey where humans and technology play in an ever-changing world.

Human Acceleration

In an ever-nearing future called WNDYRLAND, live a tribe of Beings.

Each Being has something extraordinary about them. They carry this ‘something’ inside them, in a cavity in the very centre of their fibres. If you reach inside one of these Beings, you can feel the electricity of their ‘something’. While you can never locate it , it is always there; present. One can feel it and the tribe have a very special name for it – they call it Pattyrn.

Beings can only reach this future by going on a very specific type of journey: a muddlesome voyage with lots of twists and turns containing lots of code and excursions into systems that many have never seen before – this is the silly reality when one lives on planet SaaS. Let’s just say it really feels all over the place! It’s as if an invisible puppeteer is pulling a million strings in multiple directions leaving one is in a constant loop of tumbling, tripping and landing again and again. The journey is extremely arduous and very taxing. 

However, a significant secret to succeeding in this journey DOES exist.

Understanding chaos

The first part of the secret is knowing what the journey is called. Knowing its name helps us to know how to navigate it. The second part of the secret is understanding that the journey has 5 layers or stages. 

And what is its name? I hear you ask. The journey’s true name is Digiform but because of its muddled nature, most just end up calling it ‘chaos’. Now that one knows the journey’s nature, one can focus on plotting a course.

As one enters and voyages through Digiform’s 5 layers, one senses it’s ongoing ever-changing nature. Every second swells with and splinters into more change. This awareness leads Beings to a realisation; they must learn new skills during each of the 5 layers to survive this rushing force. But from where would these skills come?

Astute Beings in the centre of the force recognize that their distinct Pattyrn grants them the ability to adapt, learn and react to each micro change. Each Being’s unique ‘something’ grants them the prowess to progress from layer 1 to layer 2 and 3.

The maiden voyage

Now, the really talented Beings begin to understand that there is strength in numbers and they begin to work together. They learn that the more Beings they bring along on their journey, the easier it becomes to navigate Digiform. You see, the total force of all the Beings and their Pattyrns inside chaos forces the rate of chaos to swell and splinter faster and faster until their journey speeds up. 

Realising now that they each have a purpose to play in a shared journey towards layer 5, each Being hones their unique Pattyrn. They zero in on to get better and better so they can go faster and faster until they reach layer 5 – like rocketfuel!

Having seen the value of being able to work together inside chaos, Beings want to share this with everyone they can. They come up with a bold plan…

A new Journey begins

Having successfully navigated Digiform, the Beings being to actively bring others onto their journey. These newcomers are different –  they are demanding. They want their journeys to be accompanied by the finer things – eye masks, champagne and comfy sleeper beds. Many prefer to be left alone and awakened only once the journey ends. These newcomers are called Custs.

Now, Beings get to work convincing Custs that navigating this journey is far more fulfilling with their eyes open. They start by showing Custs the wonderful abilities they receive from their Pattyrns and reveal how the interaction between their Pattyrns and chaos propels them forward through the 5 layers journey. Suddenly, the Custs understand – they begin to feel their own Pattyrns

The Custs are astonished and amazed. They begin to see and understand the chaos for what it is –  suddenly, WNDYRLAND is no longer an impossible destination but rather a fate they happily accept. They excitedly want the journey to begin as soon as possible, despite knowing it is going to be arduous. Their eyes are opened.

Into the Digiform

With the Custs now onboard, the Beings and the Custs begin to lean into the chaos and after being thrown around a bit, they reach Layer 1 – the layer where they’ll need to decide on a way of working. The challenge here is that the Custs need to be open to changing the ways they have worked before. If they fail, they stand very little chance to advance any further in their journey to WNDYRLAND.

But if the Custs succeed, they get to continue on their grand adventure! As they tumble further into the chaos and listen to their Pattyrn, they realize that their unique Cust system and technologies need to interact with their system of work. The Beings teach them to connect the work system to the Cust system, as the Custs’ inner Pattyrn keeps becoming a bigger force inside them. 

This part is difficult, but once they complete the hard work of stitching every system together, the Custs experience another lightning bolt moment – they become aware that a few lines of code could stitched their systems together and help them do magical things. And just like that, they’re thrown headfirst into Layer 3. The Beings are proud to have helped their Custs create their first magic. 

Now that the new magic is marvelously working, the Beings share another extraordinary secret; that every individual’s Pattyrn can show their holder their very own distinctive grade can act as a Cust’s individual map to guide them to Layer 5. 

As the Custs begin to rest, allowing the magic that they discovered at Layer 3 to pour into their Pattyrns, they reach a crossroads. As their rest helps in unlocking Layer 4, they notice that something special has happened; the journey has changed and Digiform has ended!

Beyond Digiform

There is initial uncertainty – the Custs expected chaos to be part of the whole journey! As they reason amongst themselves, a realisation dawns on them. and they begin to understand that Digiform was only preparing them for the real journey. 

As they begin to understand, they travel ever closer to a large space station. As they approach, they notice a magnificent rocket waiting at the main platform – a rocket unlike they’ve ever seen. Wholly transparent and buzzing with electrostatic streams of energy and light, they knew, just by looking at it, that boarding it would change them all. Forever. 

It is here that Layer 5’s mission begins. Wanting to board the rocket, the Beings and Custs start learning how to unlock it by immersing themselves in 10 skills at the school of Human Acceleration. At the school, every day feels like a day on the playground – while it demands hard work, it is a very playful place.During this playtime, the entirety of their inner fibres and workings along with all their magically-stitched-together-systems continue to alter. This is where Digiform ends and a whole new biological makeup known as Humanization, begins. It is a Transformation unlike any other.

The Beings and Custs who play and allow the Transformation to happen become WNDYRFUL, and in doing so grow another part of their Pattyrn – it is the key to unlocking the rocket. The key is a line of code inside of them called the Humaneration IP. As they board the rocket, the bottled up lighting explodes and they are transported directly to WNDYRLAND.

A Journey’s End

As the brave Beings and Custs reach their long awaited destination, another species welcomes them. They are called AIs – Artificial Intelligence beings. The AIs have observed the Beings and Custs as they travelled and toiled through the chaotic 5 Layeres and excitedly welcome them with open arms.

In contrast, the AIs make the new visitors very frightened. They’re very smart and very sophisticated and the newcomers don’t know what to make of them. But the Beings, especially those who’ve been here before, know that the AIs are an important and helpful part of WNDYRLAND. The Beings tell all who would hear of an old WNDYRLAND saying: “If you make an AI your best friend, you will be the best Being you can be. You will be lightning in a bottle.”

As they are embraced, the AIs begin to help the Custs and Beings become their very best human selves. The AIs happily and perfectly do the work the humans no longer need to do and reveal new possibilities and new solutions and new potentials.

The Beings and Custs smile. They know they are home.

– to be continued…

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