How Pattyrn's people analytics dashboard prevents workplace burnout

Learn how HR leaders can prevent workplace burnout and increase their department’s value with Pattyrn’s people analytics dashboard.

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Workplace burnout is a global problem, and it’s not going anywhere. Fortunately, people analytics dashboards can offer the visibility you need into how your employees are experiencing work, so you can improve their experience. But first, let’s uncover the current state of the workforce and employee burnout. 

Today, high competition plagues workforces, working overtime is encouraged and employees rely on “mental health days” to refresh when they reach their breaking point - only to start a new cycle of work the next day. To drive this point home, 76% of employees say they experience burnout at their current job, and 91% say that their stress is so high it hurts the quality of their work.

The world’s growing obsession with productivity and efficiency is taking its toll on the workforce, and the HR are often responsible for fixing the consequences. According to a new report by Lattice (The State of People Strategy: The New World of Work), HR leaders face:

  • Emotional exhaustion for themselves and their team members - 58%
  • An overwhelming number of projects and responsibilities - 54%
  • Employee morale and retention - 51%
  • Budget constraints - 43%

Although these statistics paint a dire picture, their root causes are interconnected. The pressure to overwork has resulted in exhausted employees with low morale and high turnover rates. Meanwhile, HR is trying to fix this organizational trend with a limited budget and their own heavy workload. 

To solve the equation to this puzzle, HR leaders need a cost-effective way to help their employees (and themselves!) navigate work. Fortunately, this is precisely what Pattyrn’s people analytics dashboard is designed to do.

What is Pattyrn’s people analytics dashboard?

To overcome workplace burnout and other challenges, you need to first be aware of them, even if your workplace is ebbing between in-person, hybrid, and remote environments. 

Pattyrn’s people analytics dashboard pulls and visualizes relevant work analytics across your organization’s digital tools, like email, calendar, video conferencing and work management applications. 

This allows HR leaders to identify the signs of workplace burnout among other trends regarding:

  • Employee engagement 
  • Employee performance
  • Digital tool adoption and efficacy
  • The impact of their HR initiatives

By making an organization’s work data easy to understand and accessible from one platform, Pattyrn’s people analytics dashboard can also be used to inform regular HR tasks, like:

  • Weekly meetings
  • Team delegation
  • Project and workday planning
  • Leadership priority setting
  • Tool optimization

Meanwhile, employees can access their portal to view team and individual data with actionable insights on how to: 

  • Form healthier work habits
  • Develop a strong work-life blend
  • Use their tools more effectively

Armed with this information, both HR and the employees they support can become more confident in their roles and deliver the greatest impact with their work. 

Cross-platform metrics can you access from Pattyrn’s people analytics dashboard

Pattyrn’s people analytics dashboard provides clear visualizations of the metrics HR leaders need on employee tasks, time and meetings across all projects. 

You can see if employees have the bandwidth and tool knowledge to accomplish high-priority tasks their supervisors are setting. Or check if they are overwhelmed by meetings and admin work. You can even get a closer look at which tools your teams spend most of their time on, so you can assess if the tool is effective in helping them complete work in an efficient manner.

Finally, unlike other solutions, Pattyrn’s people analytics dashboard enables you to view employee sentiment to gauge how your employees are feeling in relation to their work so you can support them if they are struggling. This is calculated based on how much higher their workload is compared to their set baseline. 

This data protects your employee’s privacy and seeks to engage with them instead of making them feel bad. It doesn’t track their every move, like their idle time during a lunch break or all the URLs they visit in a day, which don’t impact your organization’s work anyway. 

Instead, Pattyrn’s people analytics dashboard enables you to guide big-picture initiatives that make a difference to your workplace. You gain the visibility to:

  • Evaluate employee workloads to make sure they’re manageable
  • Label and reduce low-priority tasks and project blockers that waste employee time
  • Identify when tools and meetings are counterproductive to employee work 
  • Measure employee sentiment and anxiety to inform health & wellness policies
  • And of course, prevent workplace burnout at all costs

With Pattyrn, you get a holistic view of how work flows throughout your organization, no matter its size or environment. You gain the know-how to help teams deliver better work and powerful customer outcomes, faster - while enabling employees to find a fulfilling work-life blend.

Become an informed HR with Pattyrn’s people analytics dashboard

Whether remote or in-person, Pattyrn keeps your team connected and engaged so that nothing falls through the cracks. You gain insight into all individual and team workloads to understand how they are affecting employees. From there, you have all the direction you need to reprioritize or redistribute work and keep your employees happy at your organization. 

It’s a win-win situation. Your employees get a resource they can leverage to thrive in a modern, fast-paced work environment. Meanwhile, you get a breakdown of your organization’s work so you can drive better employee retention and client outcomes, and maximize your HR department's value.

Curious about how Pattyrn can benefit your HR department? Contact our experts today to learn about Pattyrn and get all your questions answered.

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