How to leverage people analytics consulting to reduce employee turnover

Do you use people analytics consulting to reduce employee turnover and raise profitable employee retention levels? Find out how you can start today.

People Analytics

Many companies are at risk of losing skilled employees that have been at the company for 2+ years without people analytics consulting, or using an expert to help you understand your organization’s people data. 

Whether being headhunted or becoming disgruntled within their current role, churning employees of this caliber and knowledge costs time and money. In fact, if employee turnover levels continue according to the current trajectory, they will cause US corporate profitability to hit lows not seen since the 1980s.

Whether your organization has a healthy turnover rate depends on your industry. However, most companies in the US strive to achieve a turnover rate as low as 10% as the cost of replacing an employee ranges from one-half to two times their annual salary.  

What causes employee turnover?

To solve employee turnover in your organization, you first need to have strong awareness and understanding of it. Studies show that employees often leave for the same reasons. 

These include:

Many of these factors that contribute to employee retention fall under company culture and how you manage your people, which is why leveraging people analytics consulting can be so invaluable for solving this challenge.

When referring to people analytics, the questions you should ask yourself are:

  1. How do we create a superior employee experience that prevents employees from being susceptible to head hunting?
  2. How do we offer timely growth, promotion, upskilling and stimulation to long-term, high-performing employees?
  3. How do we reduce disgruntled employees, negative exits and poor word of mouth indicating a toxic workplace environment?

The solution: Pattyrn’s people analytics consulting

An employee’s engagement level is often indicative of if they are a flight risk. When in an office, it’s simple to see whether an employee is actively engaged based on their physical presence and facial expressions. When working remotely, it’s difficult to gauge these levels of engagement. An employee can state “everything is going well” when in reality that is not the case. 

Pattyrn’s people analytics consulting seeks to recreate the human experience that we are now missing in remote environments. So even if an employee is stating that things are ok, you can see historical and real-time data to compare and contrast how they are experiencing work, and if their engagement levels are dropping or increasing. 

Additionally, we call it people analytics consulting for a reason. Pattyrn’s platform was created by our digital transformation consultants at WNDYR, meaning we’re uniquely positioned to help you interpret your organization’s data and decide what your next step is. 

You can access data on why employee engagement levels are changing, or rely on our experts to help you identify risk factors. For instance, refer to people analytics metrics to see if employees have had an increase or decrease in workload, meetings, or 1-1 interactions with their team members that might point to them feeling less-satisfied than what they are sharing. 

This gives you the opportunity as an HR leader or manager to be able to dig deeper and ensure that employees have the right support  within the organization. This will help you decipher whether an employee is worth fighting for or if the employment is not quite the right fit, allowing you to help reduce negative churn and disgruntled employees. 

Consult these metrics of employee engagement and turnover

Tasks and workload

View time spent on high-priority tasks and projects to see if an employee has the motivation and time to complete meaningful work. Then cross-reference with their total workload and blockers to learn if meetings, team member items or low-priority work is stopping them from driving forward work that matters.

Project Blockers

With this information, you can find out exactly how to support them. Strategies you would be able to execute with this data include:

  • Telling one of their managers to reduce their scheduled meetings
  • Nudging another employee to finish their task that’s key to moving a project forward
  • Reducing or automating low-priority tasks
  • Hiring them an intern to complete administrative tasks if the role requires it

If the people analytics indicate that nothing is wrong besides their general engagement levels dropping, you can also hold a check-in to determine if the employee’s interests still align with the role or if they are dealing with any work challenges you can’t see. 

Meeting analytics

Employee sentiment

Another critical factor in employee turnover is employee sentiment and stress. Even if your employees have high workloads, there’s a difference between feeling accomplished and satisfied with your work results versus always being stressed and two steps behind.  

To learn how your employees feel about their work-life, you can refer to Pattyrn’s employee sentiment module. These analytics are calculated via proven indicators that the employee is experiencing unproductive, frustrating work across their digital tools.  

Calculated factors include:

  • Late deadlines and deadline changes
  • Repetitive tasks that indicate having to redo work
  • Increase in multiple, high-priority tasks
  • Messages sent during meetings or calls
  • And much more!

Want to learn exactly how we calculate employee sentiment in a remote work environment? Get in touch with our team or request a demo with our product expert. 

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Learn more about Pattyrn’s people analytics consulting

Creating a positive work culture that makes it difficult for employees to find another workplace that provides them the same opportunities is no easy feat. But it’s made more possible with people analytics consulting.

Pattyrn’s people analytics platform can help you lose less employees to headhunting or poor work experiences with metrics and expertise across platforms like: Microsoft, Workfront, Wrike, Zoom, HubSpot, Google Workspace and Slack. 

Even if you don’t see your desired platform in the list, we’re adding new integrations all the time. We might even be working on what you need at this very minute. To learn more about Pattyrn and how our consultants can help you attract and keep long standing, talented employees you need, request a demo today.

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