The 8 best people analytics software solutions to consider in 2022

Discover the best people analytics software for your business with our list of the top eight companies paving the way in the industry.

People Analytics

People analytics have become an essential tool for forward-thinking HR leaders. For the first time, HR departments have the analytics they need to visualize, track and optimize the impact of their initiatives based on how their people feel about them. However, determining the best people analytics software for your business isn’t easy with multiple various options on the market.

Solutions that encompass modern people analytics include:

  • HR analytics
  • Employee experience solution
  • Employee engagement data
  • People's success platform. 

These are just a few solution names that encompass modern people analytics. To help you demystify all the technical jargon and understand the best of what these tools offer, we've compiled a list of the eight best people analytics software solutions with their core features and benefits. We’ve already done the legwork for you; you just have to choose how you want to advance your HR department's listening capabilities. 

The 8 best people analytics software solutions

1. Pattyrn

Pattyrn’s people analytics platform is designed to help your teams thrive in remote work environments. Created by the future of work expert Claire Haidar, it identifies trends across multiple platforms—email, calendar, video conferencing, work management tools. Armed with this data, HR leaders can finally see the invisible—their organization’s digital, remote work—and deliberately shape the employee experience as if they’re in an in-person office.

But what makes Pattyrn different from other people analytics software is its ability to capture real-time employee sentiment based on proven indicators that an employee is experiencing unproductive, stressful work. This feature gives you the power to stay attuned to your workforce as you drive forward digital transformation and implement HR initiatives. 

Curious to learn how Pattyrn calculates all the metrics across a remote organization? Request a zero-obligation, click-through demo with our Pattyrn product expert. 

Focus: Employee sentiment analysis; work and people analytics across time, tasks, meetings, communication and documents; digital transformation and tool analytics

2. Time is LTD.

Time is LTD. is a people analytics solution that believes a thriving team is one that has time to focus and easy collaboration capabilities. You can use Time is LTD. to track:

  • Hours of focused work 
  • Onboarding effectiveness
  • Your organization’s meeting culture (such as if meetings are recurrent, planned in advanced and including only relevant parties to remain cost effective) 
  • Collaboration mapping across company-wide, department, and team-level views

Time is LTD. also offers a dashboard for your sales team’s goals so you can see who is performing well and why as your organization scales. Get insight into external collaboration, external networks, sales team email responses and more to ensure your company is reaching the people it needs to.

Focus: Meeting, work and employee onboarding analytics; sales team benchmarks; collaboration sociomapping

3. Lattice

Lattice is a people success platform with one goal: to make the hours you spend at work better. It does this by creating a workplace environment of transparency and continuous feedback with digital, templated:

  • Performance reviews
  • Feedback requests
  • Meeting agendas
  • Work prioritization updates
  • Employee development plans

Lattice also helps you capture real-time feedback from your people teams with pulse, on- and off-boarding, and eNPS surveys so you can gauge and improve employee engagement.

Focus: Employee surveys, 360-degree performance reviews, feedback requests and templated meeting agendas

4. ChartHop

ChartHop’s people analytics help you create a diverse and agile organization by empowering you to make the right decisions about your people. View employee headcount, performance and compensation in one place to inform your plans for: 

  • Promotions
  • Turnover
  • Budgeting
  • Succession 

Plus see how this data differs across employee demographics like gender, ethnicity, generations and more to identify gaps and drive forward your Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiatives.

Focus: Headcount visualization, people analytics for DEI, compensation and 360-degree employee performance

5. Qualtrics Employee XM

EmployeeXM gathers continuous feedback from every employee experience and maps it across your organization with detailed, configurable reporting. This feedback is gained through listening tools like:

  • A relational census
  • Pulse surveys
  • Multi-rater tools (also known as 360-degree performance feedback tools)
  • And always-on feedback

AI powers these surveys to capture sentiment and topics in employee feedback - giving you the ability to spot trends and identify pressing issues before they impact your larger organization.

Focus: AI-powered employee feedback surveys, employee sentiment analysis, employee engagement

6. IntelliHR

IntelliHR is a people management and analytics software that understands that you got into HR to help people. This platform acts as an HR professional’s toolbox; it offers:

  • Performance assessment and improvement tools
  • Manager dashboards
  • eNPS and pulse surveys
  • 2-way feedback mechanisms
  • On-brand, automated onboarding workflows

It enables you to assess employee engagement and retention, and keep accurate records of headcount, recruitment, remuneration and employee demographic data. However, one of its greatest strengths lies in its automated audit protection and compliance management, making it a strong contender for businesses in industries with stringent regulatory requirements. 

Focus: performance management, employee surveys, automated onboarding workflows, audit protection and compliance management

7. Visier

Visier is a people analytics software that helps you simplify and scale your organization’s data to prevent employee turnover. View flight risk and revenue per employee to target your retention initiatives towards high-performing employees. Gain visibility into how their manager can help, whether that’s by suggesting higher compensation, a promotion or work measures to improve their job satisfaction. 

You can also use Viser to: 

  • View analytics on employee burnout, performance, compensation and disengagement
  • Send surveys that detect net positive and negative sentiment in responses
  • Perfect your hiring funnel with relevant analytics
  • Advance diversity initiatives with a clear view of job applicant and employee demographic data

Focus: people analytics for DEI, employee retention, hiring and compensation

8. Leapsome

Leapsome is a people enablement platform that serves to close the loop between performance management, employee engagement and learning. It offers templated, digital processes for many key processes like:

  • Performance reviews
  • Development frameworks
  • OKR and goal tracking
  • Meeting agendas
  • Pulse surveys
  • Onboarding and learning plans

Focus: Employee learning plans and analytics, performance and feedback mechanisms, pulse surveys, goal tracking

Choose the best people analytics software for your business’s needs

These eight best people analytics software solutions are ready to help you understand your workforce and retain your best and brightest talent. Although we’ve covered some core features offered by each solution provider, this list is only the tip of the iceberg on how the right solution can transform your organization’s operations.

Overall, choosing the best people analytics software for your organization is a big step and often requires research. We recommend choosing a solution that securely handles your employee’s data and is backed by an expert in work, change management and digital transformation.

If you’re still hesitant or unsure on how people analytics can be applied within your organization, and what types of results you can drive, contact our team here. We’d love to walk you through this exciting type of tool or offer you a demo of our platform.

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