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The Secret Ingredient To Motivation

I love exploring what exactly makes us as humans tick. What determines this inner drive which determines our actions and how can we increase it? Why...

When Organising Hits The Exit

I'm a visual creative (read: messy), I can find what I need in a couple of seconds, and smash my deadlines. But what to do when organising hits the...

Can I go to Spec Savers in advance?

“So tell me Annalena, where do see yourself 5 years from now?” “Still thinking about the answer to this question” I thought.

The demons of the red light

When work throws up a red light, deal with it and seek to fix it. But then, get back to work. Just. Keep. Moving.

Stating the obvious. Really?

Do you ever get the feeling when you're in a meeting and someone says something so glaringly obvious that you start rummaging around for sunglasses…

De-clutter your inbox

There is no magic necessary when it comes to minimising your inbox clutter a couple of quick one-off cheats

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