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Our rebrand announcement: Becoming one

Learn why WNDYR is rebranding to align with our new product, Pattyrn, a next-generation employee motivating productivity solution.

Future of Work

Designing a virtual team for remote work

Teams need a solid foundation. Whether your office is remote, brick-and-mortar, or blended, it needs to be equipped as a virtual team.

Future of Work

7 Solutions for Effective Remote Team Meetings

Provide your remote team with engaging, well structured, and productive meetings. Set an agenda, overbook times, and let everyone be heard and seen.

Moving from remote work to a virtual office

The difference between remote work and a virtual office? Building accountability, providing effective onboarding, and connecting teams don't have to...

Future of Work

Some crazy benefits of remote work

While I absolutely do not make light of the COVID-19 pandemic, typing this post while in self-isolation as the world locks down and millions fight...

Future of Work

Making Change sustainable with Champions

In our latest post, we explore a key element for successful SaaS adoption - the Champion - and the ways their role affects Change Management success.

Future of Work

On Dog Poop and Your Future Job

WNDYR CEO Claire Haidar shares her thoughts on the required mental shifts workers will need to make to meet the future challenges of doing work.

Human Acceleration

Why email is failing you and your team

Breaking up with your inbox is possible - let's take a closer look at how using email is preventing you and your team from achieving success.

Future of Work

Risky Business

If risk is personal, emotional and surrounds us on a daily basis, how can we detach ourselves from the emotions that stop us from making bolder...

Human Acceleration

Close Your Eyes. What Do You See?

Visual thinking is a brilliant method that gives us a new way of reading and understanding, learning and absorbing, planning and creating the future.

Future of Work

It Takes A Community To Teach A Machine

AI is powerful, but it needs people to keep using it to become meaningful. Machines need to learn from us, but do we know how to teach them?

Future of Work

The Empathy Paradox

There's a lot riding on empathy - leadership, customer trust and loyalty, successful collaborative teamwork... essentially, profits. This isn't some...

Future of Work

Being ethical: The not so easy human behaviour

Human values will always remain in multicolour but often the rule of law is black or white. How can we find the balance between ethics and compliance?

Future of Work

WNDYR + Intelis

Intelis capital invest into WNDYR to change the future of work.

Future of Work

Change is Coming

In business, adapting to change should be embraced. But it's not just about adopting new tech, but new perspectives, attitudes and leadership skills...

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The WNDYR No Bullshit Guide

The NO BULLSHIT GUIDE is an anchor in the WNDYR company culture. It is a way for us to drive behaviours inside the team which ensure long-term health.

Company News

Human Human: A WNDYR Perspective

Launching WNDYR, our new name and brand to massively influence the future of work. Tracey Foulkes shares her journey as part of the human team at...

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WNDYR Employee #1: Daphne Costa Lopes

Daphne Costa Lopes shares her journey as WNDYR's first employee and the lessons she has learnt along the way, about what it takes to truly build...

Company News

WNDYR … The Story Behind Our Name

WNDYR was born from a conversation between our CEO and our talented designer: it involved musing about the journeys people take across their careers.

Future of Work

Welcome to the Human Quotient

At WNDYR we believe that in order to survive the future, we, the humans, need to define our role in the second machine age. The future of work is...

Future of Work

Bottleneck 101

A process bottleneck occur when input volume is higher than output, or when blockages hold up the initiation of a process.

Future of Work

What Does 2017 Hold for SaaS Tools?

As we head into a new year, and refocus our efforts on growth, we're thinking about how our customers will be using SaaS tools in 2017.

Our Business Focus for 2017: Be Nimble

After some reflection over the festive season, our CEO Claire Burge decided our business focus for 2017 is be nimble. Here's what this means for us.

3 Things We Learnt About Onboarding in 2016

In 2016 we have designed and delivered onboarding for our partners in more than 20 countries around the globe. Here are three key lessons we have...

Can You Outsource Customer Success?

Daphne Lopes says forget the old fashioned outsourced model for customer success, here is one that integrates your systems, your process, and your...

Are You Serious About Customer Success?

Customer Success is a new buzzword in technology conferences around the world, and like all other buzzwords, people struggle to understand what it...

Future of Work

CEO Insight: Tech Conference Themes 2016

The tech world regularly gets together to discuss big ideas, issues and solutions, but what exactly are the top tech conference themes of 2016?

Future of Work

Why Should You Be Reading Chaos and Rocketfuel?

Chaos and Rocketfuel gives our readers context into the work we do, the bigger issues facing our clients, and why we're in the best position to help...

Future of Work

How Do You Define a Company Culture?

A company culture exists whether you choose to define it or not, but taking the steps to narrow down your core principles is essential.

Human Acceleration

Future Thinking: What is Human Acceleration?

Human Acceleration. No, not Usain Bolt, or what Google will bring up in a search, but the kind that propels humans into the future without fear.

Future of Work

ROLI – culture CAN win over platitudes

Culture should not just be a buzz word, we talk to Corey Harrower from ROLI and find out how this forward thinking company have brewed their special...

Future of Work

Think Tank and Collaborative Culture Explored

Is today's Think Tank culture nothing more than impressive buzz words? Jenna Van Schoor debates the collaborative culture of design and innovation

Can big data assist with HR? Hell yes.

Being able to analyse and interpret employee data is becoming more recognised as a way to improve the HR process. We explore the apps doing just that...

Company Culture and Workplace Design

While a company can create a workspace culture with the best equipment, ergonomic chairs and meal options, what creates a cohesive social environment?

Staying focused on the positive

As a leader, your team depend on you to keep your cool, stay focused, be positive and ooze strength; so how do you do it? I might have found my...

Future of Work

5 ways to nail those time zones

Don't go crazy - here are five strategies to deal with time zone differences that we've implemented to make the most of our geographically diverse...

Future Thinking: 5 Intelligent Devices

As our lives and the objects we use become more connected here are five examples of how intelligent devices can make your daily routine so much...

Would you stay in a hotel run by robots?

British adults are becoming ever more open the idea of robots replacing humans in certain sectors. Would you want to stay in a hotel run by robots?

Blame the process not the people

If workflows aren't revisited and put under the microscope, any problems that arise are automatically attributed to a person, instead of a process....

Future of Work

Stepping Into Big Shoes

Stepping into new managerial shoes takes time. Here are five crucial ways to develop the new trust you need from your team in order to lead them to...

Future of Work

Meet’s Master of Meetings

The saviour of meetings, Jason Shah, CEO chats to CRF about the two year journey that has seen 1.5 million people adopt into their daily lives

What Will the Future Workplace Look Like?

As our approach to work continues to evolve at a rapid rate, it’s incredible to think how different our workplace might look in the next five to ten...

Future of Work

Manage someone who knows more than you

Ego aside, here's some ideas on how to manage the best out of your team and build on your own knowledge for the greater good of the organisation.

Can colour make you more productive?

While we might be conditioned to work in offices with white painted walls there are a number of other colours that can be used to promote...

I’ve no right being a ‘yes girl’

I enjoy helping, I hate seeing my team mates stressed. The thing is, although I agree to some extra work, I have no right being a yes girl.

To CRM, or not to CRM, that is the question

You might copy each other in or forward emails along, have check in meetings to review activity, or set up a spreadsheet, if so, do you still need a...

Get note-tastic with Squid

Squid is an app that allows you to take handwritten notes on your smartphone or tablet. Is it as easy and simple as that?

Are you a 1-3-5 thinker?

1-3-5 helps you think about your task list as an overall contribution towards your company’s growth and not just as boxes that need to be ticked.

Creating Intentional Workspaces

Although very practical, the need to create intentional spaces, for both work and play have become essential to make the most of our working days.

Do Emails Contribute to Climate Change?

Could our reliance on emails, and the need to store each of them, contribute to climate change? It might be time to consider email best-practice.

Productivity Lie #9: no time for breaks

So here’s the reality check. Just because you are always working, it doesn’t automagically mean you are a productivity master. Take a break and...

Luis Suarez on life without email

One person who moved to shake the status quo whilst he was working at global tech powerhouse IBM was Luis Suarez. He shares his thoughts on no email...

Future of Work

Mainframe – remember this word

Our aim has been to get rid of the negative issues that email throws up at you and instead save you time allowing you to collaborate in a productive...

Meet Claire at Collabosphere

Collabosphere focuses on the transformational impact of smarter collaboration. Reinventing “business as usual.” Basically it’s right up our geeky...

Hello change

If a leopard can’t change its spots, how can a human change their behaviour? Yes. But it’s not always easy.

How to quit email … in the real world

So how do you speak with clients, connect with teams and communicate with everyone directly from your electronic device if you don’t use email?

Future of Work

Robotic thinking trends

There is a lot of talk about robots at present. They’re made out to be rather villainous characters whose greatest desire is to rule the human race,...

Self efficacy

How often do we consider what lies behind the motivation for our daily actions? And does it really matter where the source of motivation lies? I want...

The Secret Ingredient To Motivation

I love exploring what exactly makes us as humans tick. What determines this inner drive which determines our actions and how can we increase it? Why...

When Organising Hits The Exit

I'm a visual creative (read: messy), I can find what I need in a couple of seconds, and smash my deadlines. But what to do when organising hits the...

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