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Our partner MediaValet is a digital management service especially designed for enterprise creative firms—with features that bring together sales and marketing, as well as teams, agencies and partners.

Their sparkling focus is 5-star media handling. Read on, for the red carpet details.

4 Ways MediaValet Sets You Sizzling


MediaValet is the perfect opener for creative teams. Here are just four ways MediaValet sets you sizzling:


1. Centralizes your digital assets, such as marketing material, video, content and media—providing your teams, agencies and partners with immediate access to resources they need to create beautiful, winning work


2. Powers your asset discovery using AI-driven object, text and color recognition. Also opens the door to enriching video assets with searchable audio transcriptions, multi-language translations and key topic identification


3. Scales your creative operations, by enabling creative teams to work in native applications (InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Sketch and more), accessing cloud global assets at local speeds and seamlessly synching WIP and final assets to the cloud with CreativeSPACES™, a hybrid application built specifically for creatives


4. Leverages the power of video, allowing you to search, browse, preview and play in full screen videos of any size and resolutions. You can also upload hundreds of large media files (up to 5 TBs/file) with a secure, high-speed, upload application; from here, you can quickly drag and drop folders or nested categories preserving taxonomies and deduplicating files


That's the sound of

creative sense, when you

get your assets in gear.


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