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Can big data assist with HR? Hell yes.

Being able to analyse and interpret employee data is becoming more recognised as a way to improve the HR process. We explore the apps doing just that...

Company Culture and Workplace Design

While a company can create a workspace culture with the best equipment, ergonomic chairs and meal options, what creates a cohesive social environment?

Staying focused on the positive

As a leader, your team depend on you to keep your cool, stay focused, be positive and ooze strength; so how do you do it? I might have found my...

Future of Work

5 ways to nail those time zones

Don't go crazy - here are five strategies to deal with time zone differences that we've implemented to make the most of our geographically diverse...

Future Thinking: 5 Intelligent Devices

As our lives and the objects we use become more connected here are five examples of how intelligent devices can make your daily routine so much...

Would you stay in a hotel run by robots?

British adults are becoming ever more open the idea of robots replacing humans in certain sectors. Would you want to stay in a hotel run by robots?

Blame the process not the people

If workflows aren't revisited and put under the microscope, any problems that arise are automatically attributed to a person, instead of a process....

Future of Work

Stepping Into Big Shoes

Stepping into new managerial shoes takes time. Here are five crucial ways to develop the new trust you need from your team in order to lead them to...

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