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Future of Work

Meet’s Master of Meetings

The saviour of meetings, Jason Shah, CEO chats to CRF about the two year journey that has seen 1.5 million people adopt into their daily lives

What Will the Future Workplace Look Like?

As our approach to work continues to evolve at a rapid rate, it’s incredible to think how different our workplace might look in the next five to ten...

Future of Work

Manage someone who knows more than you

Ego aside, here's some ideas on how to manage the best out of your team and build on your own knowledge for the greater good of the organisation.

Can colour make you more productive?

While we might be conditioned to work in offices with white painted walls there are a number of other colours that can be used to promote...

I’ve no right being a ‘yes girl’

I enjoy helping, I hate seeing my team mates stressed. The thing is, although I agree to some extra work, I have no right being a yes girl.

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