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To CRM, or not to CRM, that is the question

You might copy each other in or forward emails along, have check in meetings to review activity, or set up a spreadsheet, if so, do you still need a...

Get note-tastic with Squid

Squid is an app that allows you to take handwritten notes on your smartphone or tablet. Is it as easy and simple as that?

Are you a 1-3-5 thinker?

1-3-5 helps you think about your task list as an overall contribution towards your company’s growth and not just as boxes that need to be ticked.

Creating Intentional Workspaces

Although very practical, the need to create intentional spaces, for both work and play have become essential to make the most of our working days.

Do Emails Contribute to Climate Change?

Could our reliance on emails, and the need to store each of them, contribute to climate change? It might be time to consider email best-practice.

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