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Future of Work

Change is Coming

In business, adapting to change should be embraced. But it's not just about adopting new tech, but new perspectives, attitudes and leadership skills...

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The WNDYR No Bullshit Guide

The NO BULLSHIT GUIDE is an anchor in the WNDYR company culture. It is a way for us to drive behaviours inside the team which ensure long-term health.

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Human Human: A WNDYR Perspective

Launching WNDYR, our new name and brand to massively influence the future of work. Tracey Foulkes shares her journey as part of the human team at...

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WNDYR Employee #1: Daphne Costa Lopes

Daphne Costa Lopes shares her journey as WNDYR's first employee and the lessons she has learnt along the way, about what it takes to truly build...

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WNDYR … The Story Behind Our Name

WNDYR was born from a conversation between our CEO and our talented designer: it involved musing about the journeys people take across their careers.

Future of Work

Welcome to the Human Quotient

At WNDYR we believe that in order to survive the future, we, the humans, need to define our role in the second machine age. The future of work is...

Future of Work

Bottleneck 101

A process bottleneck occur when input volume is higher than output, or when blockages hold up the initiation of a process.

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